For Colibri--Update on Dove Incubation Question

This is in reference to my post in GQ here about the dove eggs & subsequent hatchlings. Since it isn’t a question, I put it here. Sorry about the nearly week long delay.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that when I got home last Friday night, I finally got to see the two little critters. They were mighty cute and I was astonished at how fast they’d grown. I got to see the parent feeding them the crop milk you’d mentioned. They were real eager eaters.

Saturday, one of the two, the larger one, was gone from the nest int he spider plant. Saturday afternoon, we noticed he/she’d returned. Later, we saw the smaller one flapping its wings all to heck in the nest. Saturday night they were both gone. All day Sunday, they did not return, nor did we see the proud parents. They were truly gone.

I am no expert on baby birds, as you doubtless know, but I am both astonished at how fast these reascals matured enough to go out on their own! And I feel privileged to have gotten home in time to see them before they departed.

Thanks, Colibri, for your advice. Much appreciated!

You’re very welcome. Always glad to be of help, especially on a bird question. And it is amazing how many birds can go from a hatchling to almost adult size, and fly away, in only a couple of weeks. I’m glad to hear your birds made it, since nestling mortality is often pretty high.