For Dopers who went to college in the US

Is it standard on all campus during a regular semester that:

T/Th classes are 75 minutes

M/W/F classes are 50 minutes

If not, what was your experience

(If foreign educated Dopers want to weigh in, what’s your system)

Yes, it was that way at Purdue University fifteen years ago.

At my university currently this is the format:

MWF classes are 55 mins

TR (tuesday/thursday) classes are 85 mins

Once a week classes are 3 hours

When I went to Washington U in St Louis in the early 80s, that was the system (more or less).

The basic rule was that a typical semester course has 3 scheduled hours of lecture per week, so if it’s held 3 days a week, the blocks are 1 hour (50 minutes with passing time). If 2 days a week, the blocks are 90 minutes (80 with passing). Just about every 3 credit class was either MWF or TTh, which comports with your conjecture.

It’s changed some more recently, though. My daughter just started there, and some departments do not have classes on Fridays, so they they have 90(80) minute blocks scheduled for classes held only on Monday and Wednesday.

Oregon State University had scheduling very similar to that. Also, labs for science classes were typically scheduled in 3 hour blocks (2 hours 50 minutes) either on Tuesdays or Thursdays.

I don’t remember what my undergrad or grad classes were like, but my workplace is like that, as far as I know.

University of California trimester system in the 80s. Class times were not dependent on the day of the week. IIRC you could have 1, 2 or 3 hour long classes.

From what I recall of my college days (which were back when Reagan was President) that was the typical schedule.

My school had MWF and TThS. Yep, classes on Saturday until noon for 3 credit classes. Otherwise TTh only were 2 credits. You could have a lab on Sat, so you could get stuck with MWFS for a 4 credit science class.
Also, was a 3 point grading scale not 4 point, and weird summer school semesters. Whatever every other college in the US did, we did something else.

CSU Sacramento was like that in the late 80’s/early 90’s.

Yes. Kent State 97-2001.

I think it was 60 minutes/90 minutes, though.

TY all! UMass-Boston also runs like this.

ETA: My college didn’t use regular (or any) semesters at the time, so this is probably not as useful.

Classes at mine were mainly Monday-Wednesday or Tuesday-Thursday outside of the subjects where there would be a lab or recitation. I think they were typically 108 minutes long (this was quarters, not semesters, so there were only about 10 weeks). There were a few MWF (or MTWRF) classes but they were relatively rare in the subjects I took, and after my freshman year I never had a class on a Friday.

But that might not be the case now. It’s since switched from quarters to semesters, and I believe people were complaining that it would result in an increase in Friday classes.

Florida State University in the early 90s had a similar system.

UF in the early '00s had a different system. Regular classes were always 50 mins, with 15 mins between one class and the next block, starting at 7:30am.

Labs were usually three of those blocks or two of those blocks.

Depends on the credit load. For a standard 3 credit class, twice a week for 1 hr 20 minutes (80 minutes).

For a four credit, lab class, twice week, double the time, but still only worth 4 credits.
Each state can have its own definition of what a “credit” is worth but most are around that.

I don’t think my school was that organized, but the basic idea Is based on the Carnegie Unit

This, except there were a lot of M/W classes that were also 85 minutes. Cause class on friday is for the birds.

This was the case at my school for most three credit courses. We also had some M/W classes that were also an hour and 15 minutes long, and some “three hour” (actually two hours and 30 minutes IIRC) classes that met only once a week. All work out to 50 minutes of instruction time per credit hour.

Rice University in the late '80’s to early '90’s was exactly as described in the OP.