For He-Dopers who wear neckties

How many necktie knots do you know how to tie?

Which one do you tie most often?

Can you tie a bow-tie and do you ever wear one other than with a tux?

What is your favorite necktie that you never wear?

I’ve got about 40 neckties (no bowties). I tend toward the ones with cartoon charaters or animal related (I’m a biologist). I enjoy wearing them.

However, I only know one necktie knot. I keep thinking I need to expand my repertoire, but never have gotten around to it. I suck. :frowning:

Most of my ties get appreciative comments from coworkers and even random people. I’ve got one that elicits either one of two reactions. “That’s the coolest tie I’ve ever seen!” or “My God, that’s the ugliest tie I’ve ever seen!” My opinion lines up with the latter so I wear it quite infrequently, but it always makes for good conversation.

Two knots. One for thin ties, the other for thick ones. Have no idea what they’re called.

How many necktie knots do you know how to tie?
just two: four-in-hand and windsor
Which one do you tie most often?
Can you tie a bow-tie and do you ever wear one other than with a tux?
no and no
What is your favorite necktie that you never wear?
a teal silk paisley

How many necktie knots do you know how to tie?

Three. Two for long ties and one for bow ties. I don’t know the names of the knots - the one I use the most produces a square knot that keeps the tie from going crooked, but if the tie isn’t long enough for that, I use the simpler knot that doesn’t take as much, but the tie often goes crooked.

Which one do you tie most often?

The square knot.

Can you tie a bow-tie and do you ever wear one other than with a tux?

Yes. I wear a black bow-tie with my Prince Charlie jacket and kilt (but that might be considered the equivalent of a tux), and also some patterned bow-ties (Stewart tartan; stars and moons; winnie-the-pooh) with a shirt and v-neck sweater.

What is your favorite necktie that you never wear?

I wear my favourite long ties in rotation, so if it’s a favourite it gets worn. Since I don’t wear the bow-ties as often, I don’t get to wear winnie that much.

There is only one knot: the double windsor. Look it up if you need to. :slight_smile:

I don’t know how many ties I have. About 50? I work in financial services, so I wear them a lot. Ties need to be good quality pure silk (and no, that doesn’t mean they have to cost $100 each). Most of mine are plain or striped. Cartoon characters are a definite no go, no offence divemaster. :slight_smile:

I tie both the Windsor and the four-in-hand. My three favorite ties are a Jerry Garcia design called “The Poet Absorbs the War”, one with the Silver Surfer, and one with the periodic table of the elements printed on it. I guess that says more about me than I want, but there you have it.

Can women answer?

I can tie a Windsor, a half Windsor, and a bow tie. I tied my little brother’s ties during all our years of Catholic school … and now I tie my husband’s ties when he has to wear one.

This is one of those things where I sometimes wonder how I ended up surrounded by men who can’t tie ties.

Oh, I know. :cool: Most of the guys in my office wear chinos/dockers or even jeans. We’re a pretty relaxed group. I mainly wear ties b/c I like them.

I can answer that: it’s because they had a woman around who could tie one for them. :wink:

I wear a tie to work every day. I have about a dozen of them, but only know one knot. It looks kind of like a trapezoid: _/

I tend to favor retro/vintage looks, metallic and iridescent silk, dark colors (no pastels!), tie colors that match my shirts, and Art Deco-inspired geometric patterns rather than plain stripes or paisley. No flowery patterns for me, no golf clubs or heraldry, and definitely no cartoon characters on my ties!

Needless to say, I have really gotten into ties, and constantly get compliments on mine. I tend to stand out, though, since I work in several different law firms as a librarian. I can get away with wearing silver, blood-red, purple, and black pinstriped dress shirts with ties that match, whereas most lawyers wear white or pastel blue shirts with more conservative ties.

How many necktie knots do you know how to tie? Two: the four-in-hand and the Windsor.

Which one do you tie most often? Depends, sometimes on the tie and sometimes on what I feel like. A small four-in-hand knot on a plain silk tie can look very nice; a larger Windsor knot on a patterned tie can look nice too.

Can you tie a bow-tie and do you ever wear one other than with a tux? Nope, and I’ve never worn one with anything but a tux. Guess I’m neither Archie nor Jimmy Olson.

What is your favorite necktie that you never wear? One that looks like its a pattern from a distance–but a closer look reveals that it’s a bunch of tiny Elmer Fudds in hunting gear, complete with rifle. A nice tie, and I did wear it to one of our choir concerts once, but for any situation where somebody might be able to see (such as from across the table), it doesn’t always seem appropriate.

Are you a pimp?

Four in hand, and the half-Windsor, myself. Never liked the full Windsor; just too damn wide.

I think that the knot I use is the half-windsor, it’s sorta sqaurish/triangular.

I have only worn a bow-tie once and had it tied for me. I’d never know how to tie one if I had to.

My favorite tie I never wear is a big, ugly, fat ass 70’s wool dodad. One of the things I like about it is that it has a button slit on it so you don’t need a tie-tack.

I know the four-in-hand, half-windsor, windsor, and cavendish (it’s the one that takes up lots and lots of slack so a boy can wear his father’s tie without tucking it in), and I tie an absolutely beautiful and largely useless bow tie. I also know far more ways to tie my shoes than anyone really needs.

I only have two knots. One for the three ties that I have that are long enough for me. One knot for the others. The short ties are a single loop around the main line, so that i have extra length.

Generally, I wear the ties that are long enough, because I bought them from the same place wherein I got my shirts made. So they go with those shirts. Two of them go with both my blue and pink business shirt. The third goes with my black shirt (that I bought originally as a wedding shirt, and had the collar changed to a standard collar after the wedding).

My favorite necktie that I’ve not worn in almost 10 years is my X-men tie. It’s pink, and has the original X-men in their original uniforms on it. I stopped wearing it (and my other non-patterned ties quite a few years ago). I also have an awesome Silver Surfer tie, and a nice Batman one.

I cannot tie a bow-tie, and I’ve never worn one. My wedding tie was a weird thing…

Having said that, I don’t wear ties very often (weddings, funerals, formal parties only really), although I did wear one today for a job interview.

One type of knot. It’s the one my dad taught me and apparently no one else knows it.

I can’t tie a bow-tie and don’t own one anyway.

I have an African Savannah one that I never wear because it is too eye-catching.

Huh, guess I never actually knew the names of the knots I was doing. Apparently I know the four-in-hand and the half Windsor variant. I just learned the “regular” half Windsor, but since it’s not self-releasing (ie it’s a knot instead of a slip knot) and it looks exactly the same, I’ll never use it.

The wiki article on this is great.

I usually use the half Windsor variant, because I hardly ever wear a tie to go out somewhere, and it looks a little more “formal” than the four-in-hand. If I wore I tie to a club I’d probably use the four-in-hand. It just has a casual air about it.

I can’t do a bow tie. Tried to learn once and got the basic concept, but just couldn’t get it to come out right. I don’t really like the look of them, so unless I get wealthy enough to wear tuxes a bunch I probably won’t learn how to do it. And no, never wear one without a tux, though I had a friend in HS who did. It worked for him.

I like the ties I have now (from Men’s Wearhouse), but I left my goofy collection back home. When I was in HS (and they were required) I used to wear a slew of interesting ones. One had the Mona Lisa on it that I liked. My favoritest tie that I ever done see was back in middle school. A friend and I decided that we were going to rate my really cool English teacher’s ties every day. He usually had some interesting pattern or something, but one day he had on the most drab, boring tie ever (well, to us anyway. I’m sure it was a very nice tie if you weren’t a middle schooler). Anyway, we told him that his tie was so uninteresting, and the worst one he had worn yet, and he called us over close to his desk and flipped it over for just a second.

It had a naked woman on the back, cut so the 2 flaps of the tie met just between her breasts, so that you couldn’t actually see anything. It was the greatest surprise ever. I met up with him much later in life and asked about the tie. Turns out he still had it, and that if you unfolded the tie a bit, you actually could see the whole naked lady (that was no lady!). He said, “I can’t believe I showed you guys this.”

He’s one of the greatest teachers I ever had, and an inspiration to me in my current teaching career.

I don’t wear a tie anymore. I can tie four-in-hand and half Windsor. I could probably puzzle out a full Windsor if I wanted to, but they always seem so huge. I always tied a half Windsor, as my four-in-hand comes out crooked.

I have no idea how to tie a bowtie. I don’t wear any ties, so any could apply, but my favorite is perhaps a simple dark blue checked one.