For how much should I sell my Nikon D40?

I want to sell my camera with its kit lens through my university’s classified ads so I don’t have to deal with shipping. There’s one problem: I don’t know how to determine its price.

It has one major cosmetic flaw: the screen is scratched on the top right* – I unwisely kept it in a bag with an old, uncovered Nikon lens…you do the math. There are a few other VERY minor scuffs here and there. You see them only upon close inspection.
More importantly, there are no flaws with the camera’s electronics. It functions perfectly.
*I’ll obviously take better pictures with a better camera for the actual ad. All I have right now is my crappy phone. :stuck_out_tongue:

On Amazon, the price for a used Nikon D40 + kit lens ranges from $300-$550. D: I don’t want to price it too high and rip someone off, but I don’t want to price it too low; I’m planning to use this money to go towards buying a D90.

Help a sister out! :slight_smile:

You really need to be using eBay. Every time I’ve tried to sell technology items locally the response was pitiful. The $10 to $20 for shipping and transaction fees will be more than offset by the better offers via the huge marketing exposure. seems to be a reputable place for selling used gear and they are pinning the price around $300 depending on condition. They don’t have the kit as a package, but you can figure that in from the lens section. I’d expect to get less for the camera in a private sale.

Yeah, you really should use eBay.

If you don’t, I’d say that damage is about $30 bucks to me. The LCD screen still works, right? Just that scratch makes it a little bit harder to see.

Well, good news for you then: this isn’t possible. If someone buys it, then they didn’t get “ripped off” (because they apparently chose to pay the price you are asking for it).

Yup, the screen still works.

I haven’t ruled out the option of selling through eBay – but no matter where I sell it, I still have to decide how much I should sell it for, and the $200 gap in the price range seemed a little big to me.

Thanks for all the suggestions so far!

Which lenses are you including?

The kit lens: the 18-55mm. It won’t affect the price very much, ha.

I think B&H Photo also buys used camera gear. In the ‘completed sales’ section of eBay, I see two right off that sold for about $340 and $360, without any scratches or dings. One had an 18-55mm lens, the other was just a body.

I bought my used camera on - another place to see what others are charging.

I bought mine from a coworker for $350 Canadian, with 18-55mm lens and coworker threw in a memory card and camera bag.

Funnily enough, between 6 of us, we now own a D40, D50, D60, D70, D80 and two D90s. No, photography is not part of our work.

Including a memory card is a good idea. What size was it?


No you don’t. That’s the whole point of an auction - the buyers decide how much it’s worth. (As long as you give a detailed and honest description of the condition of the item.)

How many pictures have you taken with it?

There should be a way to see how many shutter releases have been done through the life of the camera somewhere in the menu.

To find the ballpark value of an item, I go to eBay, and search the completed listings. If you find a decent sample size, you can get a good idea of what the public generally believes an item is worth.

Doing such a search, I’m finding closing prices that average in at around $300-$350, shipping inclusive. With that kind of a scratch and as a private sale, I wouldn’t pay more than $300 for it myself, if that.

Hell, even looking at Craigslist, I’m seeing prices of $300 locally for the above configuration, and I usually find Craigslist prices run higher than eBay. (although they don’t seem to in this case.) See this listing, for instance. That’s $300 for what is claimed to have “no bumps or scratches.” But, hey, if someone is willing to pay more for it, that’s not your problem.

I don’t believe it shows shutter activations anywhere in the menu on a D40, but the number of shutter activations is recorded in exif data.

:smack: For some reason I’d completely forgotten about eBay auctions. I was just thinking of Buy It Now items.

Thanks for all the suggestions and help, everyone!