for Lego fans

Just saw an ad for Frank Lloyd Wright lego sets - they look pretty darn cool. they include the Guggenheim, Falling Water, & Robbie House.
I have no monetary interest in this, just thought others would enjoy. If I had the $ I’d be buying all the Lord of the Rings lego sets.

My daughter loves the architecture series. She’s completed Falling Water and its really cool.

Yep, I have the Falling Water and Robie House models, thanks to my wife remembering me saying they were cool when I saw them in the Guggenheim gift shop :slight_smile:

They’re fun, and very well designed. Robie House in particular has more tiny 2x1 bricks than can possibly be imagined, which makes building it take quite a lot of time, but the end effect captures the real building well.

We took our kids to the Guggenheim recently and my daughter was drooling over the Lego set of the building, in the gift shop. (We wiped it off.) It might be under the tree this Christmas.

I have the Guggenheim one, and would get a bunch more if they weren’t so damn expensive. I do gawk at them whenever I’m in a Lego store. I like the larger buildings more than the smaller ones - the kit of the Brandenburg gate is too small to show the nice details of the real thing.

I wonder how the Johnson Wax Administration Building would look in Lego.

Wait, they make NON Star Wars Lego sets !?!?!
Seriously, you can get these a LOT cheaper directly from, and sometimes Ebay is even cheaper than that!

Robie house is $125 at ebay (a “buy it now” price!)

vs $200 at

vs $249 at Signals

It would look fantastic, but the roof would leak.

They make Lego Advent calendars. We get them for our daughter and son-in-law every year.

The Lego Death Star looks awful but the Lego Star Destroyer is awesome. Some day…

They’re great, but surprisingly (at least to me) small, for the price.

It couldn’t look worse than the Guggenheim. Hate it.

Which, the real one or the Lego one? (I’m not fond of either, myself.)