For lower back pain sufferers

I wish to share a remarkable experience I had three days ago.

I had been nursing at least two weeks of lower back pain that was steadily getting worse. I couldn’t relax sitting down and walking was a chore. As soon as I could after getting home for the day I would lie on the couch. I had been expecting and hoping that the pain would gradually go away as it has done in previous episodes.

Last friday, I was in so much pain that I begged my 125 pound daughter to walk on my back. I seem to recall that the Japanese used this technique as a form of back massage.

Well as soon as she put her full weight on the heel of her left foot right over the left side of the base of my spine I shreaked with the most acute pain I have ever experienced. I wish I could describe it. The sharp pain immediately subsided as my daughter jumped off, and as I got up I noticed that my previous back pain was absent.

I still don’t have any pain. In fact full mobility has been restored including the ability to wipe my nether region. I’m so happy .

You mean . . . for two weeks . . . ?

Without extreme discomfort I should add :smiley:

I used to do some work for a chiropractor who used that as his guideline for how severe lower back pain really was. He referred to it as the “butt-wipe test.”