For once, the NBA will have a fresh new champion

I don’t particularly follow any of the 8 remaining teams in the playoffs. But I’m happy to see that they’re all teams that have either never won a championship, or at least haven’t won it in many decades. A fresh new king will be crowned.

A playoff bracket that doesn’t have the Lakers, Celtics, Cavs, Spurs, Heat or Warriors in it anymore.

Here’s who’s still alive:

Jazz - never won
Clippers - never won
Suns - never won
Nuggets - never won
Nets - never won
Bucks - last won title in 1971
Hawks - last won title in 1958
Sixers - last won title in 1983

My own prediction is Nets vs Nuggets on Finals.
However, after the first Denver game vs. Suns, I have no idea how they will stop Booker and Paul?

I noted this in the other NBA thread. I find it delightful.

The NBA is, just off the top of my head, probably the most top heavy of the major leagues in recent years in terms of the same teams accumulating Finals appearances. No other league has anything remotely similar to the Warriors-Cavs four year run, certainly.

There are six NBA teams that have never even been IN a Finals (including the Nuggets and Clippers.) By way of comparison, the equivalent statement can be made of only one MLB team, the Mariners, and four NFL and NHL teams.

I like to see new teams at the top, and for their long-suffering fans too finally be rewarded, but I don’t mind the Warriors too much. Weren’t they something of a laughing stock for decades before their recent run of success?

The Cavaliers, too, for that matter.

The Clippers used to hold that position in the 90s - that of the “guaranteed win”, the league’s joke team.

I looked up the Warriors’ history. They won the championship in 1947 and '56, when they were the Philadelphia Warriors. Moved to the Bay Area in '62 and won another title in '75. And it was 40 years until their next title in 2015. So not a whole lot of success for a couple generations. I wouldn’t say that their fans are exactly spoiled.

Another correction: the Nets won 2 ABA titles; yes, the NBA PTB decided that ABA stats (& presumably championships) count.

Sure, but that’s kind of like saying that Bulls fans weren’t spoiled in the late 1990s because Chicago had gone for a long championship drought from their birth in 1966 to 1991. By the late Nineties, many people were already getting weary of the Bulls.

What’s your opinion about Jokic who received MVP award today? One more unusual thing for this season.

Seemed like a reasonable choice.

And they’ve never won a title in Atlanta – they were based in St. Louis until 1968.

In fact, the 1995 Braves are the only Atlanta major league franchise in any sport to win a championship.

Since I am from Michigan, I know that the Lions are one of the teams to never go to the Super Bowl, though they did win the NFL championship before the Super Bowl. I believe the Vikings are one of the others.

The Vikings have made the Super Bowl and lost four times in the 70s. The other three teams are the Browns, Texans, and Jaguars. Both the Browns and Lions won pre-Super Bowl championships.

Wrong! The Vikings actually went to four Super Bowls in the 70’s, losing every time.

The other NFL teams to never make the Super Bowl are Jacksonville, Cleveland and Houston.

Depends on whether or note you consider Major League Soccer a, er, major league: Atlanta United won the championship in 2018.

Good point – I tend to ignore soccer but I realize it’s absolutely major league to a lot of people.

Yep, the Vikings are the NFC’s Buffalo Bills.

Yes, it is, but just look how Phoenix plays well against Jokic. Not every Mvp plays bad like he does. I remember when I played Nba 2k and first used to play Jokic for Nuggets. I even couldn’t imagine how he would progress through years. And now just look here, he is on cover among the best players of the league on every top gaming site. What a wonderful career. But still he misses Murray as his the greatest teammate yet.

I’m so happy Phoenix is crushing! Far too many years of being the ass end of the league. Of all the time to have full crowds back - I haven’t heard the arena that loud* since the days of Nash-Stoudemire.

Jokic is a machine, but even Jordan couldn’t win by himself. He had no support. And I hope it stays that way.

*unless the lakers are in town.

The Suns scored 123 points without anyone getting 20. The Nuggets’ approach appears to be hoping Jokic will score sixty-five. I know which team I’d bet on.