For once, the NBA will have a fresh new champion

Given that you pretty much described Patrick Ewing in an NBA Finals, I think the answer is, “No, they haven’t changed the rules about walking.”

Years ago, Slam magazine had a little list of NBA rushing leaders. Ewing was on top, with 3.2 yards per carry. :slight_smile:

While we’re rooting for the West, both teams are playing some great ball, and I really wouldn’t mind if former Blazer Pat Connaughton got a championship ring. He has always had a great work ethic and tremendous hustle on the floor.

brings up bad memories of the NBA finals and the John Strarks game, 3 for 18 from 3 pt line. My question was always why the hell Ewing did not come out and demand the ball. He just never took over a game like a Jordan, Kobe would do, and that is why he never won a championship

Well, well. Bucks about to make it 3-2!

I wasn’t watching – but Velocity’s post cued me to watch the end – when I turned it on the Bucks were up only 1. Then by 3. Then by 4 and then time ran out (IIRC)


Giannis has been shooting almost 62% against the Suns.

“Great Oogly Boogly” - John Kenneth Galbraith

MIL looking good. Looking a bit too bad of a combination of long and athletic for PHX

I wanted the Nash-era Suns to win a title, not the Chris Paul Suns.

I’m a huge CP3 fan. If anyone deserves a title it’s that guy. Great player, kinda living in the shadow of Kobe, Durant, and others, but CP3, individual stat stud that he is, has always struck me as a guy who wants to win a championship and gets that he needs other players to make that happen. He wouldn’t have played for the goddamn Clippers if he didn’t believe in sacrificing the self a bit.

But man, Giannis is a great player.

CP3, take the game over. That is the only way you get to game 7!

By that, I mean take the open 3 - don’t dish!

Congrats to Milwaukee but I feel bad for CP3.

So the thread title was wrong,

Anoither heartbreak by the Suns.

Hey, we watched Rebel Without a Cause instead, :slight_smile:

I’m happy for the city of Milwaukee and the state of Wisconsin. I’d be totally full-throated supporting the Bucks were it not for the fact that CP3 were on the losing end. It reminded me of Sidney Moncrief’s Bucks in the 80s defeating Dr J. I was happy for the Bucks but sad for the individual they sent off into retirement. I hope CP3 gets one more shot.

I was going to be generally pleased no matter which team won. I was nominally backing the Suns, since they’ve never won a title, but if the team that hadn’t won a title since before I was born took home the trophy, that would be cool, too. I think it’s refreshing to give the usual suspects the year off.

100% my thoughts. I was sort of pulling for the Suns, but have no issue with another team that hasn’t won very often winning it. Good for Milwaukee!

Does Wisconsin get a lot of pro-sports championships?

Looks like the Packers in 2010, the Brewers never, and they don’t have a NHL team? How does a cold state like Wisconsin not have a hockey team?

The Packers have won 13 championships (including four in the Super Bowl era), the most of any NFL team. The Brewers have been to only one World Series, in 1982, which they lost; the Braves played in Milwaukee from 1953-65, and did win one World Series (1957) during that span.

Hockey’s pretty popular in Wisconsin (though not as broadly popular as in Minnesota), and I was always sort of surprised that there isn’t an NHL team there. But, it’s on the smaller side as a market, and a lot of the NHL’s focus during their expansion periods has been on the southern and western U.S., rather than adding another team in a smallish Midwestern market. Milwaukee has had a minor league hockey team (the Admirals) since the 1970s, and the University of Wisconsin’s hockey team had traditionally been one of the better ones in the college ranks.

IMHO, it was a case of misplaced priorities for NHL to put teams in Phoenix and Vegas when Wisconsin could have had a team and Toronto could have used 1 more.

No one in Milwaukee was asking for a team at the time. There was no one to give it to.

As to Toronto, the Maple Leafs won’t permit another team in the market.

Vegas has been successful enough in it’s admittedly brief history as a franchise that I don’t think it was a mistake to locate a team there. The Maple Leafs not only don’t want another team in Toronto, they don’t want another team in all of Southern Ontario. Hamilton has been trying to get an NHL franchise for decades, but the Leafs (and to a lesser extent, the Buffalo Sabres) have blocked them constantly.