For pure, distilled, idle curiousity - how many Dopers are also Wikipedia editors/contributors?

I had a similar case when I posted a fairly remarkable claim I wanted to be wider known regarding the behavior of certain real life opponents in an activism article. the topic is well known and extremely contentious and no one there knew me from Adam.

I was able to provide sufficiently extensive 3rd party documentation to support my claims, and so my snippet has now stood the test of time, and no one seems to dispute its accuracy. While I had to word it very carefully to support its neutral POV, its mere presence is sufficiently damning enough for me.

So if you have sufficient documentation, you can get it back in.

Probably a couple dozen times or so. Usually I add new info rather than fix info. If I am researching or learning about a subject and end up on wikipedia I will find that new studies aren’t linked or written about, so I add those.

I have my own account, and have created or made major contributions to a few pages within my knowledge expertise field. My user page has a list of them near the end.

Most are inconsequential little articles that I bet have barely been changed since they are so inconsequential, but one that I made is actually a verifiable hit on Wikipedia (that earned me a “Barnstar”) - a world map that is used on hundreds of pages. I didn’t create the map, as my SVG skills are still very piss-poor, but I took an existing map and improved it to be very usable by the community at large. That file I watch like it’s my baby and, like any parent, am really proud at what it’s become.

I used to be an active member of the Counter-Vandal Unit and an enthusiastic WikiDalek. I’m presently mostly inactive.

Anybody who attempts to use WP as a reliable source deserves a {{trout}}.

I haven’t bother to edit anything on Wikipedia, even though once in a while I find something that I’d like to change.

The reason is this: For a substantial salary I have to know, and program in, C, C++, Python, Perl, SQL, and Java. I’ll be damned if I’m going to learn another language for formatting things, with all those “-”, +", and “=” symbols, just to use in my spare time, no matter how simple it may be.

I occasionally proofread & copyedit as Skald the Rhymer, and contribute articles under my real name.

I’ve corrected the odd mistake, posted a few questions to authors in the discussion pages, and flipped a few vandalisms back. That’s all, so far.

I’ve corrected a few spelling/grammar errors on pages where they were distracting from reading the pages (mostly content translated from other sources by people with an incomplete grasp of English) and pointed out an error in technical nomenclature on another page.

I fix spelling/grammar errors as I come across them, have added a few facts here and there, plus corrected an error or two. I’ve never contributed more than a sentence or so of new content.

I added a few paragraphs to an article about a Chicago entertainment figure. Other than that, just fixing typos when I find them and other minor changes.

I’ve created several pages, including one that I have made more than 99% of the content. It has 33 references and and, on it’s first review got rated “B” class, which I was quite proud of. I have no use for all that WikiCrap like “Barnstars” though.

Two of the main things I do are adding references - Google Books is wonderful! - and adding photos of musicians to their articles.

I’m especially proud of these images, but as this this place eats its own, I’ll not reveal anything.

I have created two pages from scratch, but those were back in '04, and have long since been added to/refurbished by others.

I’ve never created anything new, but like most others I have corrected a lot of pages for spelling or grammar or poor structure. I have contributed substantial screeds to a few pages about things I have had direct association with, but they are mostly inconsequential topics and some have been overwritten since.

I make obvious corrections from time to time, though using an avatar named differently from septimus.

I also tried to have a bit of fun in the Mornington Crescent Game here two months ago, writing

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

No one clicked the link, of course, so my attempt at whimsy went unappreciated. :dubious:

I am not a Wiki vandal and had planned on reverting the page within the week. Instead, some other Wikiist reverted it the very next day.

I have done one complete rewrite of a section of an article,* and a few minor corrections and additions, as well as raising issues in discussion pages.

*It got almost instantly reverted because somebody thought it “looks like original research” (despite having copious citations). However, I reverted it back and it more or less stuck after that, although (when I last looked) it had suffered a few “improvements” that really are not improvements in either clarity or accuracy. It is a bit depressing, frankly.

I’ve created one article and added to several others. I mostly just watch pages that seem neglected and revert vandalism on them.

I’m a Wikipedia editor and have made just one major contribution in correcting / rewriting an already existing article. As so many others have said, I usually make spelling or grammar corrections but sometimes I’ll toss in a sentence or two if an important fact has been omitted from an article.

I also do spelling and grammar edits when I come across things that are particularly egregious. For a while I was attempting to edit entries to reflect more modern and appropriate language regarding disabilities, but some dude got into a snit about that and was reverting all of my edits, and I didn’t feel like starting an edit war with someone who was determined that it was vitally important to retain use of the phrase “wheelchair bound” and so I just gave up.

I forgot to mention: I have done considerable research (not “original” research) but searching through Google Books to establish dates and facts and adding references on an article about a songwriter. I wound up being contacted by a researcher from the Baseball Hall of Fame who interviewed me by phone.

There was an article on a mathematical concept that I created and named. The article was rather incomplete and I rewrote it completely. I needed help as I didn’t (and still don’t) know how to put up mathematical symbols and a friend helped me with that. (if I can’t do it in tex, I can’t do it.)