For So. Cal. dopers: Where to find Boric Acid powder, and periscopes?

I have been trying to find bulk boric acid powder ever since a Doper answered, in the thread “Those damned ants!!”, my question on how to get rid of ants on the outside of a home. So far, no luck. Would Home Depot or Target have something like this?
I’m looking for a periscope because I have a customer with a rain gutter full of leaves. I ordered a special hosing tool from Harriet Carter to clean the gutter out, but I want to be able to look in the gutter before climbing the ladder (for safety reasons), so I can see whether the gutter is clear or not. Even the local Toys R Us store doesn’t have periscopes…

Here is an outfit that’ll sell you a 50 pund bag of boric acid.

I think you could make a periscope easily enough. A 36" to 42" mailing tube will cost ~$2-3; some of them have interior liners that can be used to double the length. Get a couple of cheap mirrors (compacts?) and cut viewing holes near the top and the bottom. Mount one mirror at 45º inside the tube at the top so it will reflect the image available thru the top viewing hole down the tube and mount the other mirror similarly at the bottom. I bet you can do the whole deal in an hour for <$7. And it’ll be lightweight.

Good luck!

Thanks, Beatle. :slight_smile: I’ll check this out although I don’t know that 50 pounds will be necessary…

Actually, I think you can use something like 20 Mule Team Borax (laundry aisle) for your ants. Just mix it with a little bit of water and sugar. You can also find pre-made stuff under the name “Terro” in the pesticide aisles, usually. Stuff works pretty well, but doesn’t always solve the problem. I had a mess of ants that kept showing up in the bathroom and the stuff never seemed to kill them. I finally broke down and bought some pesticides and used it to kill them. If you’re trying to kill ants in your house, I suggest you do two things, if possible. One is to find the hole where they’re getting in at, and the other is to make sure you’re not cutting your grass too short in your yard. The shorter your grass is, the more likely you are to have ants (at least that’s what Organic Gardening says).

Boric acid was always found in the pharmacy. I haven’t bought bulk for years though.