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On the Napoleon thread, mr john made a post about the emperor possibly being poisoned by his wallpaper. I’ve heard of “Paris Green,” the pigment containing arsenic, and that several people were killed by their wallpaper or paint before somebody figured it out and quit using it, but how does it reach the body? Is it through respiration?

Next question, from idly reading the shampoo bottle, I notice the ingredient, “Vita-Protein Complex(Low Molecular Weight Wheat Amino Acids and Panthenal).” Why is it deemed necessary to mention the molecular weight? Is it just terribly specific to satisfy labeling regulations or is it chemists showing off? And what should I know about Wheat Amino Acids with high molecular weights?

Scheele’s Green was a colouring pigment that had been used in fabrics
and wallpapers from around 1770. It was named after the Swedish chemist
Scheele who invented it. The pigment was easy to make, and was a bright
green colour. But Scheele’s Green was copper arsenite. And under certain
circumstances it could be deadly. Gosio discovered that if wallpaper
containing Scheele’s Green became damp, and then became mouldy (this was
in the days of animal glues) the mould could carry out a neat chemical
trick to get rid of the copper arsenite. It converted it to a vapour
form of arsenic. Normally a mixture of arsine, dimethyl and trimethyl
arsine. This vapour was very poisonous indeed. Breathe in enough of the
vapour, and you would go down with a nasty case of arsenic poisoning.
read all about it here, got pictures of the wall paper and everything.Annoying reversed type though. keep your fingers crossed ,I aint got this url bidness down yet

well the link is there and it works but it’s not blue. I must not have used enough arsenic.

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Well, I don’t know about you but I really like BBWAA’s. That’s Big Beautiful Wheat Amino Acids for you who don’t know. Give me a wheat amino acid with a high molecular weight anytime. I can’t stand those skinny fashion model wheat amino acids with no meat on their bones.