For the luve of KKKrhist! It's only August 29th!(lame but justified!0

Even if I hadn’t been born on October 31st, Halloween would still be my favorite time of year. It’s a lot of fun! I’m going to be 44 and I still dress up and go to Halloween parties!

BUT IT’S ONLT AUGUST 29TH!!! I went into the Menards store today, to buy a new hacksaw blade (like you give a shit why I was in there!:rolleyes: ) and they had a huge Halloween display. A full aisle of Halloween stuff. Even a floating ghost, and a canape to make it like a haunted house!

Fuck! Summer has almost an entire month to go! This is just too early for this crap!
WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY to fucking early!

I was at Walgreens just last Friday and saw Halloween crap. Still not fully halloweened. I like pushing all the battery operated crap to get all the toys lit up and screaming in the store.

But they have to do Halloween now, so they can get the Christmas displays up by October 1st! Won’t somebody please think of the mass retailers?

I work in a grocery store and we put our halloween stuff up on the 27th. It’s just obscene. Does anybody remember when you had to wait for a holiday to pass before you decorated for the next one?

You’re just noticing this? They do this shit every year! Halloween stuff up by the end of August, Christmas stuff and Thanksgiving stuff up by November 1, Valentines Day stuff up by Jan. 1, Easter stuff up by Feb. 15, and so on and so on.

Gives those insane people who actually do their shopping early time to get in ahead of the crowds! The clock’s a tickin’! :wink:

Indeed, nothing makes a haunted house like a little bit of salmon on a cracker, in my experience.

You’re just noticing this? They do this shit every year!


Yeah, but usually ('least around here) it’s after Labor Day before they put up the Halloween stuff. GAK!:mad:

I thought this was going to be about white supremacists, what with KKKrhist [sic] and Halloween. However, the odd grammar makes it appear that this isn’t the case. Just a bit odd, since no one else has pointed it out.

Me too!!! I like the dancing/singing Santa figures they put up in mid-October. Some stores position them on the shelf or table so that it’s easy to get groups of them singing just one word off from the rest.

I’m surprised that I’ve never been kicked out of a store for doing this.

Nah. Sometimes I spell Christ with a K (also Clinton with a K) or a triple K, just to be sarcastic about the subject. No hidden meaning or anything.

Time: 7:32 PM

Date: August 25, 2004

Place: Wal Mart. Upland, California. Garden center.

Sighting: Christmas ornaments, lights, and candles.

Cripes. Anyone else remember when “Christmas in July” sales were a wacky, outrageous, “They call me Crazy Eddie 'cause my prices are INSAAAAANE!!” type of promotion? Now it’s becoming business as usual.

I think it’d be less irksome if the stores would simply stock all their holiday stuff year round - they’d have the Christmas section, the Halloween section, the St. Patrick’s Day section, 4th of July, etc. Why the hell not? As things are they have all that crap displayed 10 months out of the year anyway.

I’m still trying to figure out what the poor canapes have to do with Halloween. Are they like, made out of dog food or something? :dubious:

Trouble with this stuff is that I get burned out by having to think about the holiday and forget to shop for it.

My trouble with them jumping the gun is that it gives me waaaaay to much time to 1. Buy Halloween candy to give out 2. Eat the candy 3. Go back to 1.
Halloween is DANGEROUS.

I was at Costco TODAY and surprise! there was a huge display of lighted Christmas wreaths, topiary, and reindeer. <sigh>

Don’t forget the wrapping paper and ribbons. I was there too.

Though I’m willing to give Costco a little bit of slack, since their business model tends to be “stick on the floor whatever we’ve got for sale right now.” They’d put Easter stuff in September if they had it on hand…

I guess he meant canopy (and not the airplane kind).

The wonder of homonyms.

I just got an invitation to a wedding that takes place on Halloween.

The RSVP asked if we would come, or if we would be trick or treating :wink:

“No, we’re going Christmas shopping.”

Ok, so it’s not just me. That’s exactly what I thought.