For the medically savy, and the wannabes, here's your chance to do it yourself

Well, here’s your chance to Play Doctor
Note: This one is only a game. It is very inaccurate, but its kinda fun.

Warning: The following may be too intense for some viewers/readers.

For those with a bit more courage and expertise, we have the Pre-Hospital Simulator. This one is used to help train EMTs. Its got some funny moments.

Then we have theTrauma Simulator This is used to get med students’ feet wet without killing anyone.

For those who need ACLS practice, I offer the ACLS Simulator ACLS stands for Advanced Cardiac Life Support. Most doctors and ICU nurses are required to know it in their sleep.

The last three come to you from the best Nurse/Medical webring on the 'net.

Dang it. You have to register, so I can’t play here at work. But I am *so * doing this when I go home!

I think I just killed about 10 paitents in the last 15 minutes.

But it sure was fun :smiley:

Try one of the others, I don’t think the EMT site requires registering. (its pretty easy)

And for those of you with a Nintendo DS (or are in the market for one), Trauma Center: Under the Knife is scheduled for release 11/15.

For those of you who like to rock it old school, you can track down a copy of 1992’s Life and Death for PC.

Here’s a better ACLS simulator

Why is “glove pelvis” an unacceptable test for a sick supermodel? :confused:

Ah…Bob and Mortimer.
This is what I do when I’m taking a short break from study, and don’t want to totally unwind. Those guys crack me up.

I still can’t cut into the peritoneum properly and always nick the intestines. There was a Life And Death 2, centered around brain surgery. I’ve heard the various reaction tests, quick eye exams, etc are very accurate copies of actual medical procedure. Bootleg copies of L&D2, besides being ilegal, tend to have an error and not include the actual surgery portion of the game.

I wish they hadn’t changed their coding. Its no longer Mac friendly :frowning:
Thry the trauma sim, its just as irreverant as B&M.

I’m glad you dropped in. Did you check the CodeRN link? Its a great nursing reference. There’s a bit of everything.

Who cares? I’m administering it anyway! WOO!

Coincidentally, I was just rocking it old school a few weeks ago.

“Let’s see… palpate the abdomen, pain is widespread, this looks like intestinal gas … better operate. It’ll get the gas out fastest.”

“Let’s see… palpate the abdomen, pain on each side, x-ray indicates kidney stones … we gotta cut this one open. Strap 'em down and gimme a scalpel! Screw the urologist, he keeps beating me at golf!”

“Let’s see… palpate the abdomen, pain on each side or just one, x-ray indicates no kidney stones … aaah, we can send him home. If the appendix bursts, well, that’s a cadaver for the school.”

Ooooh! Life and Death!

I know what my next ebay purchase is a-gonna be.

Dude, I played that in middle school. It was fun! But I killed people. :frowning:

Tentacle Monster! That was the best game ever! Part of what inspired me to go into medicine. Any idea where I could get it? I’d love to play it again.


This E/R game is just as bad.
Infant with asthma, and mom who smokes? Why would you want Social Service to follow-up?

I loved that game! After killing about 70 patients in surgery, I managed to perform a successful appendectomy.

I had successfully opened up about 5 patients and was unable to find the appendix before I realized I was on the wrong side of the body (I forgot that the left and right referred to the patient’s left and right, not the left and right side of the screen).

You have the makings of a spectacular neurosurgeon. :smiley:

Damn, I use a Mac. :frowning: