For those in the publishing business...

How much money would I expect to make if I were to publish a book of original puzzles under my own name and not affiliated with any organisation (ie. Mensa)? The puzzles would be logic, mathematical, language based (wordplay), scientific and lateral but not mathematical and there would be no regular and easy to recognise puzzles like crosswords or wordsearches. Could anybody who works for a publishing company or any editors who deal in such matters please let me know? I realise this is a pretty specialist question but any info at all would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks.

P.S. I almost forgot the most important thing!! Would I actually get published at all considering that I would be a first time publisher with no gimmicks or ties to famous organisations? Is there a market which I would be able to aim for?

Again, all help is really gratefully appreciated.


DOH!! I am an ass.

I have absolutely no idea how that first ‘mathematical’ sneaked its way into there. Just to make it absolutely clear I suck at maths and there would be no maths based puzzles in my book.

<wanders away into the distance smacking his head and whispering proof-read to himself>

The answer is “no one knows.” Even a publisher can only guess.

Now, if what you’re asking is “can I get this sort of book published,” the answer is “sure – provided it’s good enough.” Having a tie-in helps, but a really good book might attract interest even if you’re unknown.

Best strategy is to check out publishers who have put out puzzle books. Take a look at what they’re done. They write a query, concentrating on what makes your proposal unique.

You might also want to contact Dell Publishers (or whatever conglomerate bought them up). They publish puzzle magazines and may be looking for material.

Thanks RealityChuck! I’ll be sure to send you a free copy when I’m published :smiley: