For those looking for that 50's 60's horror movie.

Here is the definitive list.

I found a few jewels I had no idea existed.

The Sadist for example.

Wow, thanks! This will be fun to browse through, and I’ll find it useful in my work, too.

Your job is watching B movie horror films?

There is no shade of green to show my envy.

Great list, but how could they possibly leave out Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein ? :dubious:

Because the list is titled “50’s and 60’s Horror Movies.” “A&C Meet Frankenstein” was made in 1948.

is The Sadist really a horror movie? I haven’t seen it, but from the reviews it sounds more like a thriller. (The reviews al prretty much agree that Arch Hall, Jr did the best acting job of his life in it.)