For those that have been to Hollywood, LA

For those that have been to Hollywood, LA (the actual and physical area making up that area), which part have you been to?

Drove down Hollywood Blvd. But that was in the late 60s, early 70s, so if you’re looking for recommendations, someone else will have to check in.

You mean the Hollywood District in Los Angeles, CA (as opposed to the Hollywood District in Portland, OR)?

Overall it’s pretty seedy and run down with a lot of strip malls and parking lots on the north, and orderly neighborhoods of bungalos and small houses with Hasidic Jewish men and aspiring screenwriters walking around everywhere on the south. There are a few nice bars, if you don’t mind waiting on queue for a couple of hours on a Friday or Saturday night. You won’t see any big celebrities except for movie premiers at Grauman’s or the Arclight, as they’re all up in the Hills, Santa Monica, or Malibu, but you can visit “Psychiatry: An Industry of Death” Museum and the Celebrity Center International, both brought to you courtesy of The Church of Scientology. The best thing about Hollywood (other than the Arclight which is not so impressive now that many theaters are putting in reclining seats and bars) is the Hollywood Bowl, and the best way to get there is to let someone else drive for you.

Do you have any specific questions? I don’t spend much time there anymore but Hollywood and the nearby Los Feliz and Silver Lake areas were once familiar stomping grounds.


Since there are no periods in ‘LA’, I thought the OP meant Hollywood, Louisiana.

Been to the Hollywood Bowl several times, I’ve walked on the Boulevard, had drinks at The Roosevelt, seen a movie at Grauman’s and my brother works a few blocks away on Vine at the Pickford Center. We park in his lot at work when we go CD/record hunting at Amoeba. The area is kinda weird and a bit seedy–used to be a LOT worse–but it’s worth a visit.

I’ve never been there, but I did drive past Hollywood Okinawa when I was on island.


You’re not the only one. Heck, he repeated it, so I felt fairly sure that was what he meant.

In 1980 I took a Greyhound bus from San Diego to Seattle. There was a stop in Hollywood. I remember seeing the Columbia Records building and getting a glimpse of the Hollywood sign but that was about it. The place looked pretty ordinary, really.

I lived on tamarind and Santa Monica Blvd for a few yrs early this century. “Seedy” is definitely appropriate. Made friends with the transgendered hookers on that corner. The residents are low income and the cars are representative of that. Except for weekend nights when all the mercs/ bmws/porches Come out to troll around for drugs/hookers. Lots of burnt heroin spoons found on the sidewalk.

They have cleaned it up since I left. There is now a grade school across the street from where I lived.

I had relatives who lived in Hollywood, Florida.

The last time I went, I dropped in to a movie memorabilia store down the street from whoever Chinese Theater, and across the street from Fredericks of Hollywood. That was probably 40 years ago. It was seedy then, so I can believe it is seedier now.

It’s actually less seedy now. Still pretty seedy though.

When I was in high school we used to play against Hollywood High (their nickname was “The Sheiks” from the Valentino film.) Cruising Hollywood Boulevard was fun if you had a lot of time to spend sitting in very slow traffic. It wasn’t too seedy then (Late 50s) and I know it has gotten worse. A fascinating place for high school kids, like me and my friends;.An open air car show, too.

There is now “No cruising” signs posted. Though I’m not sure how enforced it is.

I went to Hollywood High School! Our football team always sucked but we had a quality band and a fairly excellent theater department.

I spend countless hours as a high school student wandering Hollywood in the late 90s. I lived in Hollywood for a few years in the late 00s. It had gotten much less seedy than when I was in high school. I left California in 2012 but visit somewhat regularly. Most recently I was back in April when a friend got married st the Hollywood Forever Cemetery (sounded weird at the time but it was actually quite lovely).

In my head Hollywood is where I’m “from”. It’s where I spent more time than almost anywhere else.

Yes–and I kind of miss that seediness. The relentless boosterism and development of the last 10 years has just become annoying–it’s hollow and fake in comparison.

I live in East Hollywood, which is both Thai Town and Little Armenia at the same time, (and parts of which are sadly becoming more like Silverlake). To be honest, I don’t spend much time in central Hollywood these days–except for the gym where I swim, but that’s pretty early in the morning (before getting on the subway to work downtown).

However, I once drove a taxi, and worked Hollywood a lot. I can honestly say I’ve probably been on just about every street and block there.

Yeah–this is an oddly vague OP.

we only cut through West Hollywood on the way to grab a bite at Universal citywalk. otherwise most of my time has been spent in Torrance, with occasional jaunts to Long Beach, Anaheim, Burbank, and once in Santa Monica.

I did a fair amount of work at Paramount Studios, and used to shop at that used record store on…Highland, maybe? Got backstage for a Who concert at the Bowl.

Hollywood gets a deserved rep for being - as noted in this thread - awfully seedy, yes.

But IMO, it makes up for that by also being a vast repository of concentrated tackiness, like a colossal Spencer Gifts store on performance-enhancing tacky drugs. Injected, not oral.

I wouldn’t want to live there, but the people on the tour buses seemed to be having a good time.

I don’t remember who said it, but, “When you strip away the false tinsel of Hollywood, you see the real tinsel underneath.” Sure; Hollywood is tacky, seedy and in very doubtful taste, but that’s part of its…charm? Too strong a word. You have to take Hollywood as you would Las Vegas; on its own questionable terms.

As a tourist I’ve been down Hollywood Boulevard, although it’s been many years. Even back in the early 1908s it was pretty seedy and rundown. One perk was that there were a lot of used bookstores, which I have no doubt are gone now. You can go looking for the Hollywood Stars set in the street and look at the footprints at Mann’s Chinese Theater, look for the Capitol Records Building (and the oversized Hollywood Star for Armstrong, Aldrin, and Collins) at the corner of Hollywood and Vine.

The simple fact is that Hollywood - for all its PR - is one more industrial district in greater Los Angeles. People go there to work, nothing more. The only difference is that they make movies and not widgets. And hell, a big chunk of the movies are made elsewhere - London, Vancouver, Atlanta, Toronto, wherever the big tax breaks are that year - these days.

So when you go there, you’re looking at the leftovers after the real glitz has headed out. The bottom feeders and grifters, mostly. If you want to see ostentatious wealth and celebs head for the hills or Malibu or Carmel or something. But the biggest, richest stars of movies don’t even live there. They live somewhere else entirely and fly to wherever they’re shooting.