For translation: Generic term for hook and slice?

Is there a golf term that encompasses both “hook” and “slice”? The Japanese term I’m trying to translate is (which seems ad hoc and has only one google reference come up is) ???, or left-right deviation width. The idea being that one club is 20 yards better on this measure than another.

Thanks for your help!

I know of no golf term that is direction independent, but in English you might use the words (in my order of preference) veer, swerve, stray, or deviate.

I usually hear it calledgodfuckingdamnit or somesuch. :smiley: I can’t find any reference to anything other that hook or slice.

I think sidespin is the answer - most golfers would understand that.

“The less loft a golf club has, the more sidespin (a.k.a. slice-spin) it tends to create. In contrast, the more loft a golf club has, the more underspin it creates, which tends to offset sidespin and lessen hooks and slices.” comes from Golf Tips Magazine.

Experts do not hook or slice. They ‘draw’ or ‘fade.’ And always in a controlled manner for purposes of avoiding an obstacle or reaching a difficult hole location. :wink: