for UNCLEBEER or other cable modem experts

I have a freind who wants to get cable modem service. His cable company told him that he would be able to beta test the service in a month. He was told this in february. Now everytime he calls the cable company they tell him to call back later. The website says that there are no plans to launch the service in his area. my questions: what exactly does the cable company have to do to activate service in an area? can cable lines put in in 1990 handle cable modem? is there anything he can do tho make them get off of thier lazy butts and get it installed?

BTW I got my cable modem in today and it works great. ICS wouldnt work so I downloaded a free proxy program. I love it!!!

In my area, the requirement was that your area had to be serviced by the fiber-optic backbone, and that took a while for everyone to get.

The cable company also serves as the ISP, providing the Inet gateway, mail and even a fair amount of content. That’s a good bit of infrastructure and work to get going, so getting the service started in an area in a pretty major undertaking.

I signed up as an ‘Early Bird’, but it was months later before I got online. It’s pretty sweet.

his cable company already provides sevice in many other areas, so I guess all they need is to get a backbone into his area.

I consider myself an expert because I have one, I beta tested my area originally, I know more about the modem then the people at my cable co’s tech support division does and I also support cable modem routers so with that out of the way here’s your answer

Besides having the correct hardware at the Head End the repeaters that the cable company uses to extend the signal range need to be swapped out for ones that work in two directions. As long as the repeaters in the street that his signal would have to pass through are two way repeaters his lines should be able to handle it as long as they have enough bandwith for the TV channels they carry and the cable traffic