For window washers: Hard water--$#@!!?%&*!!

I mean it! It’s a real pain in the neck (euphemism) to wash windows with warm water–with a capful of ammonia per gallon–and find out the water is so hard it tends to leave a milky-white film on the glass when you think the window is clean! Am I right? Is this due to Los Angeles area hard water, or improperly-rinsed washcloths (now I use a professional squeegee more), or both?

Have you tried vinegar in the water? It’s supposed to help with hard water.

Use distilled water, its cheap & has no minerals. Ammonia? What do you wear, a gas mask?

A gas mask isn’t necessary, Handy. Note that I said “a capful of ammonia with a gallon of warm water,” which is the recommendation of cleaning expert Don Aslett (Is There Life after Housework?).
I swore off Windex and other window-cleaning chemicals, since, once the sun has moved a few degrees, the Windex leaves spots and streaks easily visible on the glass. My customers have complained to me about this.

Don Ashlett seems to be a chemical freak! He doesn’t
believe in using safer stuff to clean. I’ve read several
books on cleaning, and most contradict this.

Use full strength vinegar in a spray bottle and wipe clean.
If the stains are really bad, apply Fabric Softner and let
stand for an hour, then wipe.