For Your Consideration - anyone see it yet?

Christopher Guest and Company make a new movie. Is this as good as the past three efforts? (which I thought were great fun to watch)
Do tell. Open Spoilers ok.

REALLY?!?! No one has seen this yet?

It’s in a limited run here in SF, so it’s only at one theater. I figure it’s going to broaden in a week or two, so will probably catch it next week.

Not, yet, but it’s high on my list. I can still watch Best in Show over and over and laugh just as hard. And their other projects were very good, too. I hear this is the last one, so I hope it holds up to the others.

Not in my area yet, but I’ll be there when it is.

Guest is a comic genius in my book. ***Waiting for Guffman * ** was the last time I saw my mother laugh :frowning: . And she laughed her ass off. That memory (and the sheer hilarity of his comic mind) puts all his movies on top, as far as I’m concerned.

Saw it last weekend. Meh. Cute, a few funny bits (mostly from Jane Lynch and Fred Willard, but are they ever not funny?), but I’ve been laughing so hard lately at the movies that it definitely seemed like a wait-for-the-video to me. Guest fans will be amused but not blown away.

No. It had its laugh-out-loud moments but fans of the other films (of which I am too) should lower their expectations considerably. They had a rich subject but threw nerfballs at it.