Force strength

Gravity and Electromagnetizm are said to operate on an inverse square law.

Assuming that the gravity and light radiate from the sun in a linear manner, describing a sphere with the sun at the center, EM will be stronger than Gravity on the order of 6*10^40 times stronger.

Now, gravity is a four dimensional phenomenon. What if the 3d sphere we encounter is merely a cross-section of a 4d hypersphere, with the majority of the force’s strength not intersecting our 3d reality? How much stronger would it manifest itself if (and this is just an unproven theory of mine) if the total output of the 4d hypersphere was concentrated into the 3d sphere of our reality?

Our reality is four dimensional. However I believe that string theory postulates that gravity could be much stronger than we experience in 4d, because some of its strength does leak into the 5 or 6 extra dimensions it says exists. (I know very little about ST.)