Forcing fluid intake

Please share your opinions on ‘encouraging’ (formerly ‘forcing’) fluid intake.

If left to my own thirst I would probably consume less than one liter of fluids a day. A doctor told me I needed at least two more liters a day.

Do you think it is sufficient to force the two liters before mid - afternoon or do I need to spread them out over the 17 or so waking hours?

Are you over 50? Older folks typically have a reduced sensation of thirst, leading to a chronic state of dehydration. My siblings and I are pretty sure that our octogenarian parents would enjoy better health if they drank more water on a daily basis, but it’s difficult to convince them of this.

As for the timing of your water consumption, I’d recommend spreading it throughout your waking hours. If you drink it all in a short period you will just piss it away (literally) and then be short of water for the remainder of the day.

I’ve managed my gout effectively (so far) by forcing fluid intake; eschewing medication, diet modification, a sober lifestyle, etc.

I drink chilled polar water. The dispenser is situated such that I pass it whenever I move anywhere at home and work. I keep a copper “mule mug” on the dispenser and force down a mug full as a toll for passing.

Goofy, but it works for me. I wake up once or twice to pee every night, but my gout hasn’t flared up in over a year now, despite drinking lots of beer (glass of water after each) and eating all the “NO” foods from the gout handout.

I would say spread it across your entire day.
2 litres all at once makes for an unhappy tummy, and as said you will probably just piss out the sudden excess.

I’ve asked older people how they maintain their apparent good health, and all have said they drink a glass or two of water as soon as they wake up, whether they’re thirsty or not. I’ve adopted this habit and it seems to help keep things moving along.

That said, I wouldn’t chug down a liter first thing in the morning, but I do occasionally drink an entire 1.5 liter bottle of water over the course of an hour or so in the early evening when my friends are drinking beer and I’m feeling tired and thirsty. Picks me right up, it does.

I use a thermos so the water stays cool or cold, depending on my preference, and I add a few drops of flavoring. You could also use a lemon slice or some fruit. For me the extra flavor sensation helps. When the thermos is empty, I refill it. I try to keep the thermos with me, even in the car. I also try to drink a mug of water every time I go to the bathroom, right after I wash my hands.

I try to stop drinking an hour or so before bedtime, so I don’t have to get up.

I’m a big water drinker, always have been. At my age though(66) and with the joy of an enlarged prostate, I try to drink my last fluids of the day at 3:00PM(so I don’t have to get up but once during the night) My doctor says that’s fine. Each morning I consume about a pint of water with the first of my daily vitamin and herbal supplements, and the rest of my fluids spaced out until my own personal witching hour as noted above. It IS true that you should drink even when you have no sense of thirst.

I equate putting fluids in your body with putting oil in your car. And what happens when you run low or out of oil? Everything grinds to a halt. So drink up, kids.

While spreading out the water consumption over the course of the day is ideal, you don’t want to be drinking too much too late in the evening or you’ll just be up all night pissing. Gradually reduce the amount throughout the day.

ETA: when training for a competition I have to drink 2 gallons of water/day. As a general rule, I try to have my water consumed by 8 p.m. Anything I drink after that would be minimal, for thirst.

The “64 ounces a day” rule is not hard and fast, and not necessarily supported by evidence.

That said: I imagine you’re better off pacing the fluid intake over the day, versus chugging it all at once, as overhydrating isn’t going to do you any good and could be harmful. Just consider your own body’s response with timing - if you’re someone who can drink a lot at 3 PM and not be done excreting it until midnight, move it earlier in the day If you’re someone who can drink a quart at 8 PM and be done with it at 10 PM, you’d be fine.

To encourage drinking: something flavored may help with bumping up your consumption. Seltzer, iced tea (assuming the caffeine doesn’t bug you) and so on. While “water is best”, 4 glasses of tea are surely better than 2 glasses of water.