Ford and Lincoln-Mercury recall involves 3.6M vehicles-potential fire condition

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Ford and Lincoln-Mercury are recalling cars, trucks, cutaways, and mobile homes equipped with cruise control for a fault in an underhood module which can cause a fire even if the cruise control is not being used, or if the vehicle is parked. Model years involved are 1992-2004.

NHTSA link here:

Owners are advised to park their vehicles away from structures until a dealer has installed the retrofit harness. Ya think? :stuck_out_tongue:

I know-you’re supposed to get a letter in the mail, but stuff slips through the cracks, and Grandpa’s Crown Victoria could burn your house down by the time you sort through his mail and find the notice. :wink:

If in doubt, call your local dealer and give them the VIN, advising that this is in response to the above recall, or Ford reference 05S28.

Be safe, y’all.

This seems apropos.

Didn’t we just do this with a bunch of their cars from the eighties?

Oh yeah, here we are.

Old news I think.
I’m not sure, it’s late, and I am too tired to go searching, but this looks like either (partial or total) re-launch of a previous recall*, or the second half of a recall they announced last year.(I recall last year Ford announced a recall, and it was going to be in parts, first come in and get the cruise disconnected. Later when parts would be available, the cruise would be re-connected with the updated parts.)

*If a company does not get to a set % of units in operation, the government will require them to re-launch the recall in an attempt to get all the outstanding items rectified. I do not recall the percentage, that wasn’t my end of the business.

I think this started with 2000-2003 F150s. We have a 2000 and had the fix done a year ago.
If I remember correctly, there were a few fires of the trucks. They would happen hours after the last drive, so at least one involved the owner’s house as well.