Ford Focus Hatchback Dash Lights

I have a 2015 Ford Focus Hatchback. The dash indicator light for “stability control” (i.e., the slippery when wet symbol) is on. I must have bumped something when trying to get in and out of this econobox (not my car choice). The owner’s manual has a list of dash symbols (front pages of the book), and this is indeed called “stability control”. Then, one must flip to the index, and find that on pg 150 (or 151) refers you back to p.96 to turn off this light. At page 96, a list of electronic menus covers what they now call “steering control”. One has to navigate through an electronic menu on the dash via buttons on the steering wheel. When I go through the menu(s) to what should be the precise menu setting, there is already a checked box indicating the steering control is engaged (and presumably the stability control) is ok. So, how do I turn off this dash indicator light? Grrrr! :mad:

There may be a dedicated button on the dash, low in the center by the rear window defrost switch. There is such on my '14, but it is an ST, so might be different.

Something is wrong with the stability control system. The light should come on when you first start the car (and turn off immediately thereafter) to show that the light is working. It will also go on if are slipping and sliding around when driving to indicate that the system is intervening. Finally, it will go on if the system is is broken. You seem to have the last problem. Get it checked out.

Traction control and stability control should come back on automatically every time you restart the car. Even if you accidentally turned the stability control off, all you have to do to restart it is turn the car off and on again. Turning the stability control off would also illuminate a different light, labeled “[slippery when wet icon] OFF.”