Foreign Phone Book Question...

Does anyone know where I can get a copy of a London phone book or any other English city? It doesn’t have to be current. Thank you

If it’s a number you need,

If it’s the physical book, not sure.

Where are you?

I’m in northeast USA. I want the book, not a number.

If I was still living in the UK, I’d mail you one. Maybe a passing Londoper?

If you browse around the website, you’ll get to Select the books link and there’s a page where you can buy telephone books. Except tha I tried it and it seemed to be set up only to accept orders from UK addresses.

You pay for the mailing and I’ll mail you a book.

Hope you realise that our phone books are quite thick and very heavy

I’m in the North West incidentally, just outside Manchester

What’s it for, a stage prop or something? The British Yellow Pages mentions ordering from outside the UK, or you could try Thomson Local which is similar but covers a smaller area and therefore should cost less to ship.

I wanted to get a look at British surnames for a character in a story. British names can be different from their Americanizations. But beyond that, I am just curious. I love to look at ordinary things in other cultures. Someone once gave me a newspaper from county Kerry on Ireland and I got the biggest kick out of looking at it. So, if it is not terribly expensive to mail it to me, it might be worth doing. Thank you.

From my (undoubtedly dated) memory, I’d guess shipping costs for a phone book to the USA might be around $10 or so.

Sounds fine to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Be aware that some surnames still have strong regional associations within England. Pete Postlethwaite is a name as northern as the actor, for instance. A friend of mine from Yorkshire can find several pages of her surname in her local phone book, but in mine she would be one of about five entries.

If you want a Dublin phonebook or Irish newspapers give us a pm I’ll post some out to you.

I’ll go to the post office today and find out how much it’ll cost, email me with your home address.

I also have our Yellow Pages but that is about as thick as a regular book

You can check on here for the costs. Just enter the weight , the country you are sending to, and whether air or surface mail. Also the directory would be classed as “printed matter” which attracts a lower tariff.