Forget Abortion, Why Does God Allow Babies To Die?

My sister, a perfectly healthy baby, died at 2 months of age. Today, she would have turned 40 years old. As for me, I wasn’t even born yet to even remember…and that causes a lot of hurt in and of itself. Sure, you could say I might not have been born if she had lived. So be it. She had a right to a full life before I did. I have it in writing that man’s span is 3 score and 10 years. I don’t think 2 months constitutes a life of 70 years!

Don’t tell me how sunsets and snowflakes are God’s miracles happening all around us everyday. I want some better answers to a long list of questions…this one is just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Jinx

Well, there is the obvious answer…

Study the soil for a moment. It naturally produces weeds. No one plants them; no one waters them. They even stubbornly push through cracks of a dry sidewalk. Millions of useless weeds sprout like there’s no tomorrow, strangling our crops and ruining our lawns. Pull them out by the roots, and there will be more tomorrow. They are nothing but a curse! Consider how much of the earth is uninhabitable. There are millions of square miles of barren deserts in Africa and other parts of the world. Most of Australia is nothing but miles and miles of useless desolate land. Not only that, but the earth is constantly shaken with massive earthquakes. Its shores are lashed with hurricanes; tornadoes rip through creation with incredible fury; devastating floods soak the land; and terrible droughts parch the soil. Sharks, tigers, lions, snakes, spiders, and disease-carrying mosquitoes attack humanity and suck its life’s blood.

The earth’s inhabitants are afflicted with disease, pain, suffering, and death. Think of how many people are plagued with cancer, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, heart disease, emphysema, Parkinson’s, and a number of other debilitating illnesses. Consider all the children with leukemia, or people born with crippling diseases or without the mental capability to even feed themselves. All these things should convince thinking minds that something is radically wrong.

Did God blow it when He created humanity?

What sort of tyrant must our Creator be if this was His master plan?

Sadly, many use the issue of suffering as an excuse to reject any thought of God, when its existence is the very reason we should accept Him. Suffering stands as terrible testimony to the truth of the explanation given by the Word of God. But how can we know that the Bible is true? Simply by studying the prophecies of Matthew 24, Luke 21, and 2 Timothy 3. A few minutes of openhearted inspection will convince any honest skeptic that this is no ordinary book. It is the supernatural testament of our Creator about why there is suffering…and what we can do about it.

The Bible tells us that God cursed the earth because of Adam’s transgression. Weeds are a curse. So is disease. Sin and suffering cannot be separated. The Scriptures inform us that we live in a fallen creation. In the beginning, God created man perfect, and he lived in a perfect world without suffering. It was heaven on earth. When sin came into the world, death and misery came with it. Those who understand the message of Holy Scripture eagerly await a new heaven and a new earth “wherein dwells righteous-ness.” In that coming Kingdom there will be no more pain, suffering, disease, or death. We are told that no eye has ever seen, nor has any ear heard, neither has any man’s mind ever imagined the wonderful things that God has in store for those who love Him (1 Corinthians 2:9). Think for a moment what it would be like if food grew with the fervor of weeds.

Consider how wonderful it would be if the deserts became incredibly fertile, if creation stopped devouring humanity. Imagine if the weather worked for us instead of against us, if disease completely disappeared, if pain was a thing of the past, if death was no more. The dilemma is that we are like a child whose insatiable appetite for chocolate has caused his face to break out with ugly sores. He looks in the mirror and sees a sight that makes him depressed. But instead of giving up his beloved chocolate, he consoles himself by stuffing more into his mouth. Yet, the source of his pleasure is actually the cause of his suffering. The whole face of the earth is nothing but ugly sores of suffering. Everywhere we look we see unspeakable pain. But instead of believing God’s explanation and asking Him to forgive us and change our appetite, we run deeper into sin’s sweet embrace. There we find solace in its temporal pleasures, thus intensifying our pain, both in this life and in the life to come.
Ray Comfort

Shit happens (Ecclesiastes 9:11)

Mangetout, I feel obligated to mention that that Bible verse is my favorite: “But time and chance happeneth to them all.”

Basically, Jinx, it sounds like you’re referring more to the Christian belief that God micro-manages everything that happens in the universe, from the formation of black holes to the movement of quantum particles. Most Christians, however, believe that God rarely intervenes in anything… that he created a universe, set it in motion, and watches as “his children” (or somesuch) mill about. Kinda like a scientist watching a colony of bacteria growing in a petri dish… or, to be less harsh to our fellow faithful on the boards, like a parent that sends their 25-year-old son out of the house to live on his own.

Imagine that you have a pet dog. Do you think the dog understands why you you have to leave for work every day? Or why have to take it to the vet? Could a dog even understand economic systems or health care? The dog can only trust that you have its best interests in mind.

The difference in understanding between humans and God is much greater than that between humans and dogs. Even the world’s greatest human minds working together could no more figure out God’s plan than a bunch of dogs could make sense of capitalism.

That having been said, your god is fictional, babies die, and life is not fair; deal with it. Dogs may not understand our actions, but they know that we exist and that we provide for them. Humans pretend that God exists and that He provides for us.

Svt4him, how exactly is it justifiable that we live in a fallen creation, or whatever? I mean, okay, not being able to eat apples is kind of a silly rule, but Adam and Eve broke it. Sure. Why should their children be responsible for their crimes, though? Why did God create the fucking apple with all the sin in it in the first place?* How can snakes talk, and why did God let the snake (who could talk) convince Adam and Eve to eat the apple? Furthermore, why doesn’t God just eliminate sin altogether? We could all be happy hu-man Jesus worshippers.

I could keep asking “Whys” for a number of years, so I’ll just skip to the point. All these "Why"s lead up to the “Grand Why”. Namely, why did God create us in the first place? Because He was bored? What end result are we supposed to arrive at? If He wants that end result, He could just snap his fingers and make things arrive at that end result. But He doesn’t. Why? Unless he’s not capable of doing something that we humans can do, which would work against the whole idea of God’s omnipotence.

So, yeah, if God does exist, He is a tyrant, bullying us into obeying his rules, for no conceivable reason at all. He puts us through all this suffering and death (it’s in his Plan, after all), for reasons that can’t possibly justify the means, because he could use any other means he wanted.

*How did God fit all that sin into that tiny apple? That’s got to be a pretty big apple.

Just goes to show that sin is quite a tiny thing after all.

Soil does not produce weeds.

Oh, my soil did. They’re everywhere.

Gadfly, actually, the sin was disobedience, so how big of a sin does that have to be in order to fit into an apple? And who said it was an apple?

Jinx- here’s a more personal response. I don’t know why things like that happen. Some things don’t make sense sometimes. I don’t understand it. I don’t know why someone who is going to waste their life as an alcoholic is allowed to live, while someone like your sister’s child who may have a lot of potential dies.

Supposedly, Adam and Eve did not acquire free will until after they ate the apple. So how could they be held responsible for committing a sin if they did not yet know good from evil or have the ability to choose? Their “disobedience” was no more sinful than a dog who disobeys an order not to eat a shoe.

As I understand it, Adam and Eve DID have free will before they ate the apple…what they didn’t have was knowledge of their consequences. That’s why “their eyes were opened” once they took the bite.

You have to understand: if God sets up an elaborate scheme whereby a baby is killed by natural processes he designed, that’s very different from a human being doing EXACTLY the same thing. Morality is all about how morality only applies to some people, you see, only when we say. Or maybe hurting isn’t really wrong, because nothing is truly hurt, and so you can’t blame God for creating a world full of naturally caused hurt, it’s just wanting to hurt someone that’s wrong… except if you know that then there’s really nothing much wrong with going around hurting people because, hey, it doesn’t relaly matter. The actual hurting isn’t wrong. Because then God would be doing wrong. We’ll get back to you with some sort of ad hoc furtherence tommorow, or something.


Okay, so God essentially created a bunch of children, and told them to not touch a big shiny thing, whilst He let some sneaky cousin of theirs into the room to cajole them into taking the apple. Seems to me like God intended humanity to be doomed, for his entertainment.

Check the book:

OLD SOULS by Tom Shroder

The system may be completely different from what this culture tells you.

Dal Timgar

Ya, God created a bunch of children. And not only that, but gave them everything. A perfect environment, companionship, fellowship with God. But God, what a meany! Only asked them to not do one thing. Can you imagine the audacity. Of course it’s God’s fault. He gave Adam the woman in the first place.

And what kind of person would put the choice there to begin with, why not just plant the tree somewhere else? I’d guess there’s a difference between being holy and being innocent. Choosing to love, instead of not being able to choose not to love.

Was it an unbearable test? Having all types of things for your pleasure, but being told to leave one thing alone, by the God who created you and who walks with you. Seeing how God created a help mate for you when you were lonely. Walking in the cool of the evening with this God, and still choosing to do the one thing He said not to? Ya, God’s fault.

What is it with God? If he wants everyone to obey everything he says, why don’t he create a perfectly obedient creature? If he purposely gives a little bit of “free will” and wants to have fun: teasing, tempting his creation so he can torture him when he’s “astray”, the he is really mean. If he can’t create an obedient creature, then he isn’t that powerful.

Why does he need to have all the attention, all the love, all the scarifices anyway? He is so obviously powerful he doesn’t have to be vain too!!

Actually, it is.

If God wants us to be holy then why establish the test at all? Is there some design component in creation that requires such a tree within easy reach?

It was a set up. The only reason to have the tree there was to have original sin established. There can be no other reason.

God likes to kill babies. He kills scads of them every day. God likes pain. He created a world that is awash in it. No other explanations are possible since God is supposedly omniscient and omnipotent. A world full of babies dying in agony had to be exactly what he wanted. And for this we should love him, praise him, and thank him.