Forgot to show you guys this one

I finished this model back last November, and plumb forgot to share it with you guys. I saw it at Wonderfest, at the vendor table of a fellow named Sean Kyle, and although I didn’t buy one then, it preyed on my mind and a while later I was sending him a clump of smoking money.

He’s doing a sort of informal series of Bride of Frankenstein variations; the first was a vampire hunter, “Brides Unleashed: The Penitent”, and the second was this version, “Brides Unleashed: The Maiden”. Here’s the buildup I saw at Wonderfest. (Not my photo.) I love the electric-arc wings.

I got out the pieces and started to look her over. I decided to change the pose of her arm and head, to give her more of a “Oh my God, what have I done?” look. Also, her skirt was asymmetrical, so I decided to build a left-hand skirt piece. Here, her arm has been raised and underarm area filled in and tidied up; but her neck still needs work.. You can see how wonderfully complex and detailed the sculpt is.

I also added a couple three model boat spotlights to the base, illuminated with flickering LEDs.

The half-destroyed Creature at her feet was a bit of a challenge to paint; Mrs R wanted him terrifying and pathetic at the same time. A challenging requirement for a middling painter like me, but I did my best. The Promethean.

And here she is, all painted: What have I done? Mad eyes. Overall view, hovering. From astern.

The lights don’t show up much in a well-lit room, but in dim light they make a great creepy effect, shining up from below. I took her to Wonderfest this year, and she got a Silver, as high as I’ve ever gotten for a figure. And, to my total astonishment, a Special Award for Best Horror, which is proudly displayed next to her at home. :slight_smile:

Dude, I’d grovel, but you probably can’t stand that.

Thanks for sharing her. Very impressive!

that gets a silver???

As always - massively impressed by your work.


I really like the pearl white cloak tails.

I admit my first thought when I saw the first photo (the unfinished, unpainted one) was “oooh he could do Alita!”

And before I hit post, I did a quick search for an image to link and found that there is, in fact, at least one awesome 1/6 scale Alita figure for sale. It looks like it’s a statue with changeable parts rather than a model kit, tho.

You make fantastic things, Rocketeer! I feel like I’m in a special club just because I get to see your work!

Dagnabbit, i meant right-hand skirt piece. The left-hand skirt piece, which is part of the original kit, has a brass tube core to support her weight.

I can never keep left and right straight :smack:

A Gold figure is an astonishing thing to see. Golds typically have the perfect workmanship of Silvers, but with an added charisma, Wow factor, whatever you want to call it.

Oh, and thank you all for your kind words!

Nice work!

Awesome. As always.

Thanks much!

Wow! That - SHE- is beautiful! You’ve made her face so expressive. How long did it take to create this magnificent, er, creature?

I just refreshed my memory by checking the photo dates in my Flickr album, and it looks like I spent about a month-and-a-half on her.

You say “create”; but to be perfectly fair, most of the credit for the magnificence belongs to the sculptor. All I did was make a few tweaks and then paint her up. (That said, there was a lot of painting involved, what with masking her costume three or four times for the different colors and figuring out how to make a weathered copper look and a puddle of goo and…)

Fantastic work! Is there a narrative here that would help me better comprehend why she’s able to levitate?

And I hope she’s not contemplating suicide to end her regret. By the looks of the crystal in her palm, she’s got another couple of years before she has to report to Carousel.

I didn’t get any narrative from the sculptor, but I’m guessing that her creator gave her Electric Powers. :wink:

Just. Wow!

Excellent work!

But can you ask a Mod to add something descriptive to the thread title? I never click on “mystery threads”, but I’m glad I did this time!