Former Florida Republican Party Chairman Arrested

Jim Greer, who resigned under pressure this past February, was arrested this morning at his Orlando home.

I’m not sure if he was in Rubio or Crist’s camp before he was forced out, but I would guess Crist. This should spice up the Senate and Governor’s races here. Already we’ve seen a couple of big money political outsiders jump into the frays. In the file footage they were showing on my local station Greer is shown standing in front of an autographed Crist poster.

Sounds like he was forced out because he backed Crist. So that can’t be good for Crist.

He lives, quite literally, around the corner from me. I was late for work because the road was partially blocked. :mad:

You must be in a pretty posh neighborhood if you can afford to live near corrupt politicians.

I live in a pretty ordinary subdivision, but there’s one right by us where pretty much all the rich locals who don’t live in Winter Park or Islesworth are.

And the Freepers whine about the liberal media putting the word “Republican” in the headline. :rolleyes:

Fox News didn’t make that mistake, did they?

Good one. :slight_smile:

“Jim Greer (D), former state chairman of a Floridian political party, was arrested today.”

Nah. I don’t see any way they could have managed that one. :slight_smile: