Former Secretary of State Alexander Haig dies

Story here- Former Secretary of State Alexander Haig dies

So he’s no longer in charge, I guess.

A friend and I were staying in a dorm-cum-hostel in Stockholm when Reagan was President. There was a little ‘nightclub’ style of thing downstairs. (Probably a small cafeteria when school is in.) We saw a drunken man who bore a passing resemblance to Al Haig. My friend said, ‘He does look like Haig, vaguely.’ I said, ‘He’s a vague Al Haig.’

Someone had to say it, and I thank you for taking one for the team.

From Archie Bunker’s Place:

Archie) Alexander Haig is a great man who’s sometimes president


“You better read the Constitution, buddy!” – paraphrase of Haig

Good riddance, the bastard.

BBC is actually reporting that Haig was credited with preventing the collapse of the presidency in the wake of the Reagan assassination atempt. WTF?? :confused:

I know very little about the guy, so I can’t really comment. However, the New York Times obituary is interesting. They don’t give him any credit for his actions after Reagan was shot, but they say he held the Nixon administration together for the last few months of Nixon’s term.

Okay, possibly the BBC is referring to that. I was only half-listening and thought they said it was after the Reagan assassination bid.

Well when Reagan was shot Bush was on a plane. so thats when Alexander went all “I’m in charge” … Whats funny is he gave Woodward and Bernstein all the info on the last days of Nixon in their second book… when you read it you realize that Haig comes out looking like a champ… hmmmmmmmmmm

It’s just that our General Haig looks pretty good compared to theirs.

Terrible news… I left my dancing shoes at my parent`s house.