Forming your own nation

With regard to Cecil’s column, How do I go about starting my own country?, I thought I would mention this bunch over here, The Republic of Cascadia. The whole thing sounds good to me :wink:

There was some military thingy off of Great Britain and some dude and his wife bought it in the 60s. They have true nation status, and their own stamp. It’s a floating whatchamacallit that is very rusty and weird looking, but it’s theirs. I wish I could remember the name of it.

It’s called the Republic of Sealand, and it went up for sale recently. It was on an old sea fort off the coast of England.

That’s it! Thanks! I know they had a fire and lost a lot of whatever it was they had there, but I don’t think they even occupy it full time.

You can practice here. Registration is down now but you create your own nation.

Reading the StraightDope article linked in the thread’s original post helps with these memory slips. :slight_smile:

Um…yeah. I was just breezin’ through. :smack:

For what’s worth, a contestant on “To Tell The Truth” applied to the UN and became a nation after he discovered an uncharted island.


No, I believe he flew out there in a Piper Cub.

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