Forms for clay models of Star Wars characters?

The Cub is interested in making Star Wars clay models and then painting them.

I’ve got a source for modelling clay (not play-doh - real clay) but I’ve not seen any forms for Star Wars characters.

Do such things exist? I’ve been poking around on-line but haven’t found anything.

Paging @Rocketeer !

You could go with vintage Play Doh molds from Ebay. (I literally dug up an old Yoda mold of mine in the yard years back). Looks like they still make some sorts of those, too. Also there are Star Wars cookie cutters.

Thanks for the shout-out! Although I’m familiar with making one’s own molds and then casting items using polyurethane resin, I’m not aware of any pre-made molds for use with clay. Darren_Garrison’s suggestion seems like the way to go. Something like this, perhaps: Vintage 1977 Star Wars Play Doh Action Set! | eBay

There are also candy molds and ice cube trays.

I’d look for things like jell-o molds and even ice cube trays too. Fortunately George Lucas had no shame or restraint whatsoever when it came to merchandising, so such things should be fairly easy to find.