Anyone still playing or pick it back up with the start of Chapter 2 recently? If you ever enjoyed the game but dropped it during or before Season X, I’d encourage you to check it out again.

There is a new map, which I find very refreshing. There is skill-based matchmaking for the battle royale, which is a huge blessing for bots like me who aren’t building the Taj Mahal in a matter of seconds in a build battle. And speaking of bots, there are actual AI bots in the battle royale game and they are pretty easy kills even for an entry level player.

I think the refresh is exactly what the game needed. Epic kept it as fresh as they could with the old map, making moderate changes here and there, but a whole new map was necessary. And the bots and skill-based matchmaking was probably do or die for the game in terms of bringing in new players. If you were new to the game in the last 6 months or so, you probably had no prayer of actually winning a battle royale.

Anyway, just curious if anyone here has thoughts on the new chapter.