Forum between GQ and GD

I think it would be useful to have a third forum where people could ask questions whose answers aren’t all that clear and where the element of debate would also be encouraged.

GQ would be a place for simple, direct, straightforward, completely factual questions.
GD would remain mostly as is.
The third forum would be a place for questions that are not clearly factual. Many questions currently in GQ certainly are not. It would be a place where questions would be asked not merely to receive back an answer, but to spark debate. It would also help answer the question, “well, i have this weird question, but should i be posting it in GQ or GD?”

I think it would be better if the two present forums did not have to share the role of carrying that class of discussions.

Also, i’ll promise not to pollute the new GQ. (but frankly i find the discussions in the current GD to be either cliche or totally off-the-wall)

Well, the problem there is just that most meaningful debates have already been gone over a time or thousand. So…given no good topics and a desire to debate, there ya go. Adding a second debate forum would probably just dilute the subject pool even more, making both forums more full of cheese than GD is now.

As to your suggestion… I’m not sure I am seeing the need. If it doesn’t have a necessarily factual answer, it can just be tried out in GD or IMHO depending on how heated any sort of appraisal would become.

No, I don’t mean that discussions currently in GD should be placed into the new forum. Rather, discussions currently in GQ should be placed in the new forum.

What I mean is that the GQ forum is much better at sparking interesting debates, and most of the thought-provoking action seems to go on in there. But that is not its purpose. There are also certain rules and mores that the moderators would like to encourage in GQ that run counter to a forum designed for debates.

It’s not the purpose of GQ to “spark debate” per se; it’s about answering questions.

I mean it’s nice if/when it does, but then that’s another topic for another forum.

What would you consider a topic for this new forum? Give us an example of what you’re talking about – I can’t see it.

But it would replace that question with two more questions, possibly even trickier to answer. Instead of “Should this be GQ or GD?”, you’d have “Should this be GQ or GX?”, and “Should this be GX or GD?”.

what?? i think you just answered your own question…

ok, maybe it’s not always clear if a question on GQ is one that is likely to spark debate. but i think a lot of times it is (or maybe it’s not exactly the sort of question which naturally would, but maybe the poster thinks they’ll get a better answer if debate does ensue). and you’re right, the purpose of GQ is not to spark debate. therefore, we should have another forum.

and yeah, you would now have two questions, but each would be, say, four times less important (since there’d be much less difference between GQ/GD and “GX” than between GQ and GD). therefore, you end up with “twice fewer” mistakes X severity. understand what i’m saying?

We’re not opposed to adding a forum if (a) there are enough threads that would go in that forum to make it worthwhile, and (b) we can define what it is. There are a few ©’s and (d)'s but they’re kinda minor, like finding someone to moderate it.

In this case, TubaDiva asked for a specific example of the kind of question that you think would go in the new forum. Go through both GD and GQ and list some questions that might fit in AVG(GD,GQ) so we can consider it. At the moment, it seems too abstract (I can’t think of a question that I would know in advance goes in this new forum) and too small.

I’m pretty sure we had this exact idea in mind when IMHO was inaugurated. It was intended for topics for which they’re might not be a single factual answer, and thus the question would be open to opinion, personal experiences, and mild debate.

Well, then you could have two more fora, one for those between GQ and GX, and one for those between GD and GX. Of course, then you would have the problem of. . .what, 8 new questions.:wink:

I still haven’t seen a concrete example of a question that might go in this new forum?

Right, exactly what I consider IMHO to be, along with debates that aren’t quite so “Great”. :smiley:

Does raising the minimum wage benefit the economy?

Is there any validity to this scientist’s claim that he’s found [insert Biblical artifact here]?

Does Zionism promote instability in the Middle East?

Could Giraffe kick Frank’s derrière in a fair fight?

Fair fight, hell – I want to see them go at it in a steel cage death match, with bonus points to Frank if he can kick Giraffe in the balls without a stepladder.

Two Mods enter! One Mod leaves! :smiley:

While we’re at it, let’s make a forum between CS and IMHO, where threads are vaguely related to popular diversions, but not really about opinions and not really about entertainment either.

I think we could also use a forum between MPSIMS and the Pit, where people are encouraged to swear liberally but they have to be nice about it.

On the vBulletin home page where it lists all the forum names, I think if you physically move up IMHO between GQ and GD, you might better underscore the sliding scale of verifiable factualness preferred for posing questions.

Strictly factual answers? Go to General Questions.
Questions with multiple answers and some consensus of opinion or polling? In My Humble Opinion.
The Great Controversial Issues Of Our Time go in, um, Great Debates.

Changing IMHO’s forum description is a good idea, too. Look at the current wording

I suggest it be slightly amended (changes in bold.)

Someday I’ll make my case for why y’all might want to change the name of the General Questions forum.

That’s a pretty good idea, Askia. I’d like to hear the GQ one, too.

Well, let’s see what kind of reception this next suggestion of mine gets.

Not bad, but I dunno about questionaires.

Why on earth did you use QUOTE blocks for your idea? In order for us to quote your idea , we now have to go through extra steps. Why not use colour or underlines, or size, or anything esle?