forums...where are they?

Hey everyone out there! Does anyone know any decent free script forums that I can run from my web page? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone.

the most popular are and ( )

infact, the SDMB runs on vBulletin.

not sure how limited the free versions of these two are, but they’re definitely the benchmark as far as forums go.

Here are couple other alternatives.


From the FAQ:
Ikonboard currently requires the following to function to its fullest potential:

  • CGI enabled directory
  • About 10 megabytes of harddrive space for initial installation
  • Perl version 5.004
  • v2.4+ (most web servers have this installed by default)
  • Sendmail, or SMTP access (optional

it has some links to sites that use it so you can see what it looks like.


From the User Guide:
1 Web server w/PHP 3.0.15 or greater (Apache is know to work well)
1 MySQL server (phpBB has been tested on 3.22 and 3.23)
1 Admin crazy enough to run a forum (That would be you :slight_smile: )
both are free.

Here is a site that runs phpBB so you can see what it looks like. ClubVeeDub