Forward, March! in the MMP

I have no military or band marching experience, but I was a wheel monitor in a couple of parades in San Francisco. Nothing too glamorous - just walking alongside the float or tow vehicle to theoretically prevent idiots from running into the street and getting run over. One year, I was at the back right wheel of a flatbed holding about a dozen clog dancers and the next year, I was within arm’s reach of a stagecoach. The coach was on a flatbed (same one that carried the dancers?) as skinny stagecoach wheels vs streetcar tracks never goes well for the wheels.

The worst part was the confetti. Little glittery shards of mylar that stuck like glue to skin. Two days later, we were still finding bits of it on us.

**gotti **- are you sure you aren’t part vampire?? I understand they sparkle with glitter… :wink:

I was in a parade as a teen - my uncle worked for Pepsi and the theme of the float was It’s A Small World - yeah, there was a Disney tie-in (this was in the late 60s or early 70s.) I was there representing Hawaii - wearing a muu-muu and a lei. Me and my blond hair and obvious eastern European features. I passed… :stuck_out_tongue: At least I didn’t have to march - just stand and wave.

Still snowing, dammit. Third load in the washer, second in the dryer, first folded and put away. Plus the dishwasher is loaded. I’m sorta motivated.

Tickets arrived today, one step more towards the Musical Mumper Meetup.

It is cold here in Houston but I am planning on bringing warm weather with me when I head east. I am sick of the cold and you guys and gals have it so much worse.

Come on Spring.


Did you play piano in the marching band??? HAHAHAHAHA!

I’ve never marched in a band or in a parade. I hate parades.

In other news, I might be spending my birthday again in London! Yea for me!

Leftover prime rib for dinner. How sad. Not.

Two instances:

Number 1 some time in the early 60s, girl scouts on parade. Might have been Memorial Day but it might have been for Dick Clark who was in town to do a Band Stand show with Annette and Fabian. We saluted him.

Number 2 was in DC in November 1969. With a group of college student friends filming a protest march. We arrived in Washington so late in the night that we had no idea where to go to sleep and ended up inside a burned out townhouse in God knows where. Froze our butts off. I am not making this up. The next night was a little better…a nice divorcee’s pent house highrise apartment in Georgetown. Ah, the sixties. :cool:

Anybody else here think either Mom changes her clothes eleventy times a day or she has the world’s teeniest tiny washer and dryer set? :wink:

No snow here. Currently 77 degrees.

Jealous! :mad: :smiley:

Stop that! It’s silly! And a little suspect. :smiley:

gotti, it was my experience that all of San Francisco is covered in glitter. Are you saying this is only for special occasions?

FCM, big snowflakes means big snow. :stuck_out_tongue:

Laundry’s been laundered, box to sister’s been mailed, biblioteca has been visited, and the last pile of books has been donated. Now it’s sketti time. I’m going to attempt a sort-of primavera. We’ll see how it turns out.

OK first off, Missy Smarty Pants, I’m wearing the same thing today as I wore yesterday - well, the unders are clean, but the sweats are recycled. Second, we’ve got a nice big front loading washer, thankyouverymuch! :stuck_out_tongue: It just happens that this is a week’s worth of laundry, plus maybe a bit more. Fourth load in the washer, fifth will be the last. Don’t be hatin’ because you’re too lazy to do your laundry today! :stuck_out_tongue:

Florida is full of wise-acres! :stuck_out_tongue:

The sleet has started, just in time to go to work.

Of the “unwashed” variety. :smiley:

You said it, Puggy!

It appears to be getting brighter outside, altho the snow is still falling. I don’t know if we’ve even gotten 3" yet, which suits me just fine. What I worry about is the single digits tonight and how hard it will be for me to get to the dentist tomorrow. I know a plow has come thru our neighborhood at least once - Higgs told us. Loudly. Anyway, I’m sure the county road dudes are hard at work salting and clearing. Tomorrow will tell.

Evening, mumpers…the Durp is a bloked site at irk and there’s no wifi either so I am still as bored as a bored thing on a really boring day. I did very little today, although there was a late flurry of activity when we had to tidy up a training room that had been in use all day. That took all of 10 minutes and I spent most of the rest of the day reading a book. It’s nice being paid to read…

I’ve only ever marched in protest about stuff, or in parades. We don’t much go in for the whole marching band over here, unless it’s Jethro Tull’s kind

Off to construct dinner next, it will involve whatever veggies are left in the fridge!

One thing’s for sure, she does a lot more washing than my housemate!

By your description, so does my cat.

Last load is in the dryer, everything else is put away. I’m most glad that my robe is now clean. I have 2 others, but one is short, and the other is so old, it’s raggedy and it doesn’t really fit. So yay for a clean robe!

I had a pulled poke sammich for lunch, but I’m really hungry. Gotta decide what to make for supper and get it thawing. Always something…

Howdy from da cave! I left the south forty and headed for here. It’s rainy and ick out, so the executive decision was made to finish up paperirk from here rather than the orifice just cause I can.

I made and baked a beastloaf last night. After it cooled, I sliced it so all I need to do is reheat it. That plus leftover risotto and greenbeans from Sattidy shall make for dindin tonight. Easy and good. Just like me. :smiley:

I napped all day, or tried to anyway.
Sah-son has shoveled the walk but from what I hear it’s all ice under the snow so it is treacherous outside. I need to kick his butt because he went out without gloves.
Left over shrimp lo mein for lunch and finally got Sah-dog to go out. He was eying up all the boxes piled up in the living room so I had to get a bit firm with him.
Not that I care if he pees on it, the HFH needs to move her anyway, it’s supposed to be a living room not a warehouse.

Went ahead and took Wednesday off too, so I’ll be home for the painters. At this rate, I’ll run out of vacation before my last day. I’m cool with that.

I had a bout of anxiety today about selling the house, buying the house, cleaning the house, staging the house, and moving away from the place I’ve lived for roughly 85% of my life. Then I had Xanax for lunch and took an extra day off, and I feel much better. :slight_smile:

I’m happy to say that RT made it safely out of Jessup and is roaming about Pennsylvania as I type. :slight_smile:

And I survived my first day.

Snow has just about stopped - YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!

Laundry is done. Time to start supper.