Forwarding e-mail without all addressees

Many times I receive e-mail that have been forwarded or that I want to forward to others. However, an increasing number of these e-mails have a request that read something to this effect:

“Note: If you forward this email, please delete the forwarding history, which includes my email address. It is a courtesy to me and others who may not wish to have their email addresses sent all over the world. Erasing the history also helps prevent Spammers from mining addresses and prevents viruses from being propagated.”

My question? How to delete the forwarding history? My web based e-mail program (Roadrunner) does not allow editing of exiting e-mail. Are there ways of deleting the history short of re-writing the whole message? I would like to comply to these request.

How about copying the message into a new email?

When you click on forward you can then type in the body of the email, right?
You can highlight and delete stuff there also. Like previous addresses.

If the original sender is so concerned about privacy, they should use BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) for the mailing list.

That would mean that the recipient list would not be visible in the first place.

If the sender is someone you know well, you might want to suggest this. Many people just don’t know that this feature exists.

Yes, but its cumbersome and that means opening a new tab or window. It works but not smooth.

No! The message is not visible or available to edit. All you can do is add your own comments to the existing message.

True. They should use BBC. But not all the people that request this are close friends or the latest sender has no clue.
I use to be able to edit existing mail when using Outlook, but I prefer web based e-mail.

I’m not familiar with your email program, but why do you have to open a new tab? You don’t need the old and new messages open at the same time.

I’m not sure how Bcc would help if the sender doesn’t want his address forwarded.

While Bcc can be used to hide the addresses of the recipients, it doesn’t hide the address of the sender.

That’s certainly an unusual feature in your email program.

Create a yahoo or hotmail address for yourself, forward the mail there, edit out the email addresses, then forward it to your friends from your yahoo or hotmail address. I know both of those allow you to edit forwarded email. Or. if you don’t want to email from your yahoo or hotmail account, forward the edited email back to your regular account and send it out from there.

I’ll second Alley Dweller. Either you missed something in your e-mail system or your e-mail system sucks BIG time. Not only do you have the issue of not being able to edit out the posting history, from what you are saying it is also forcing you to forward the entire message when (at least for me) it is often the case that only a portion of a large message needs to be forwarded.

To be blunt, find a real e-mail system, web-based or otherwise.

Sounds to me like you may have the client configured to ‘forward as attachment’, rather than ‘forward inline’ - there ought to be a checkbox somewhere in the preferences to change this.

When you reply or foward an existing message, it displays a new screen (or tab if you want) but without the original message for viewing or editing. Strange I know.

Its not the original or current OP wanting or not wanting his address going to the new recipients. But not wanting all the other previous recipients to also have their addresses forwarded.

It may be strange but it’s Time-Warner (the largest or second largest Internet server in the nation). So its main stream! I have many other e-mail accounts that I could use (including Yahoo, Hotmail,Netzero, BuffaloNews, MyWay, and others) but Time-Waner Roadrunner is my ISP and therefore the easiest and most convenient to use. Besides I’ve had it for many years and trying to change it now is not a reasonable option (possible but not easy). Besides, for myself I could care less but I was trying to comply to wishes that others who forward messages and assume I will forward them also would not like their e-mail addresses going to strangers. I can understand that line of reasoning.

See above reply! You may be correct that it sucks but it is a “real” and very popular web based e-mail system. BTW… I’ve seem many other e-mail systems the same. Especially in a work related environment (for security reasons and to prevent tampering with any original message and change the meaning). That might be why this system is the way it is. But my concern is only stopping former recipients from having their e-mail forwarded when and if I forward the same message.

Good point. I checked and doubled checked but I have no options in the settings menu or preferences to change it. :confused:

I’m so use to this system and I’ve tried others but each system has some type of draw back, that I’ll be trading one inconvenience for another. I gave my G-mail account an honest effort but that too had things I did not like. It’s just a matter of what you’re willing to compromise on. :dubious: Actually Outlook was fine but that means it had to be resident on my machine and I could only access it from my machine. The nice thing about web based mail is that you can access it from anywhere and not load up your computer with lots of junk.

I was hoping someone else who also uses Time-Warner would know something I did not! :slight_smile:

In that case, even if you can edit the forwarded message, you’ll still open 2 tabs. So copying into a new message is the same, not more troublesome.

Well, yes you’re right and I have done that. I have to copy then paste. Not big deal but a pain.

Never heard of Time Warner as a BIG well used email system.

Outlook or MS systems seem to be more business oriented and those folks are reluctant to change anything…

ctrl C & ctrl V are pretty quick & you must have tons of email to deal with every day to worry about the 3 seconds to do this for a friend once a day. Maybe you need a form letter to send to all these types telling them to do it on their end as you are way too busy to do it on your end.


ISP e-mail clients are terrible, regardless of how big they are. They’re the store-brand cereal of the internet world.

That is exactly what they want you to believe, simply because once you see another ISP offering a better monthly internet contract, you’ll be hesitant to switch because all your e-mail is attached to them. Get yourself a gmail account and untie those binds to your ISP!

It’ll be a lot easier now than in the future, when you may have your entire e-mail archives taken away from under your feet by your ISP (via breach of contract, loss of service, change of provider, etc.).

You are probably correct on all counts. My g-mail account already handles about half my e-mail.

Use a third party client (Outlook, or whatever) via POP3.

You missed the whole point. Using a third party, resident client is exactly what I do not want to do. That’s why I abandoned Outlook many years ago. Web mail affords me to access my mail anywhere, anytime with any internet connected device. But thanks for your input.:slight_smile: