Found -- New show on the History Channel

No spoilers please, there is only one episode out yet :slight_smile:

What a refreshing and interesting show. The first one was aired 7/31.

Basically, people contact the History channel with questions about objects they have “found” but don’t know exactly what they are. It is cool and straightforward. Folks present their finds to archaeologists who ask questions, examine the object, do some off-screen research and present answers. Toot sweet!

I hope it continues to air and retains the nice simple format without a bunch of unnecessary dramatic pauses and cliff-hangers.


Sounds a lot like PBS’ History Detectives. Which I love. I actually sent them a thing found by my son. He had a summer job with his friend’s dad who is a contractor. They were working on an old Brooklyn brownstone and found these old time card thingies and old skeleton keys behind a wall they took down. PBS never answered back.

Maybe I’ll send it to this new show.

But then, it won’t be the History Channel, would it? :slight_smile:

Maybe we should ask them about this.

The owner of the object has to do the asking. So, I’ll distract him and you grab the …thingy.