Anyone else been to this site?

Basically a TON of pics of random people/things, a lot of WTF? and a few NSFW.

It is a new one for me.

It reminds me of one of my sisters when we were teens. On Sunday afternoons I would buy out complete yard sales. After cleaning & fixing the resalable items I would sell them at a twice monthly flea market. I was amazed by all of the old photos I got. They did not sell at all.

One day she was messing around & put them in some photo diaries I had that also would not sell. She make up captions to fit the pictures. Those books sold! We made a deal that I would give her the photos & the photo diaries, she would make up captions, install the photos, & I would sell them. We split the proceeds 50/50. We both made money & she had fun doing it. Win-win.

I wonder if that would work today.

The downside of digital photo:

1000 years from now, on any planet, a life form can look at a negative and tell what it is.
A chip/stick/whatever may never be deciphered.

Never saw it before and doubt I’ll go back. Nothing against it, I just didn’t find it very interesting.

That is already a problem today in medical records. Doctor’s handwritten notes survive forever, but a great deal of medical records, in the lifetime of a patient, are irretrievable because devices no longer exists to read them. Think of your eight-tracks collection…

I hadn’t heard of that site, but I do a similar thing myself, when I’m bored, or looking for inspiration. Just go to a Google image search, and enter a file name randomly generated by a digital camera. For example, DSCN0258 for a Nikon or IMG_5698 for a Canon or P0000222 for a Panasonic. You get lots of random photos from around the web!

I have never heard of it before but I love it. I love ephemera so much–this will be a big time sink for me!