Four-color theorem update

Regarding the “Did they finally solve the four-color map problem?” question found here:

A more resent proof by Robertson has removed the cloud of doubt hanging over the complex original proof of Appel and Haken. The prrof can be found here:

Oh, and it’s called the four-color theorem, not the four-color “map-problem” :slight_smile:

Wow… Robin Thomas is rockin’ it up, what with the SPGT business…

Isn’t this old news?

Woo! A Georgia Tech man! Go!

The referenced web site was last updated in 1995, so it dates at least from then; I don’t know what may have been going on in that area since.


Yeah I saw Robin Thomas speak at a conference last month… a lot of these guys, Thomas, Bollobas, Luczak, are actually sociable and eloquent, aside from being Very Good At What They Do… not like Erdos and the like!