Fourth Doctor Scarf

Does anyone know whether it’s possible to buy a scarf in the style worn by the Fourth Doctor as played by Tom Baker?

Buy? I doubt it. My mother knitted two, though, one for me and one for Son of Dex.

Yeah, I’d say that your best bet is either 1) learn to knit, 2) ask someone who already knows how to knit to make one for you, or 3) try and find one that someone else has knitted, on eBay.

Good luck!

If you’re a knitter with a heckuva lot of time on your hands, you can make one using the official BBC pattern. Scarves aren’t hard at all to knit, especially if you know someone who can do the casting on and finishing for you. Good luck.

I had a very long, very loud, chaotic colorful homemade crocheted scarf once, next to which Tom Baker’s looked sedate.

The Fourth Doctor asserted that his was knitted for him by Madame Nostradamus… If ya got a time machine, maybe…

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Yeah, my Mom made me a Dr. Who-style scarf this year. I am so psyched for the three weeks a year around here that I can wear it, I can’t wait.


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When I was in my teens, I hand-crocheted a fourteen foot scarf, not using the same yarn colors or pattern. The Doctor’s scarf was actually a sixteen-footer, but being as how I’m about fourteen inches shorter than Tom Baker…

It was the best scarf I ever owned. All of the scarves my mother bought me were average seven or eight feet long- woefully inadequate for the way I wore them. I liked to use my winter scarves as a total head wrap, over the ears and the top on the head, then around my face. My fourteen footer was the only one I ever had that I could do this with and have any scarf left over for that cool hanging scarf look- and the shorter ones would tend to want to fall off, the long one stayed put, probably because of the extra weight the extra length gave it.

I lost it in a move years back. God, I miss that scarf.

Damn, it’s too bad I’m not liable to ever learn to knit. I’ve got a lot of nerds on my Christmas list.

I was going to post the BBC pattern but I see someone else beat me to it. Just wanted to add that if one can’t knit you can try to crochet it. That’s what I did. Use the same color pattern, the same number of rows and so forth. To start just crochet a chain that is just slightly longer than the desired width of the scarf, then start back and forthing on the base chain with the single crochet stitch. I actually crocheted several scarves and sold them at a science fiction convention. Some were the full length and width, and some were child sized, somewhat more narrow and shorter, to fit kids of various heights. I went as the fourth Doctor having trouble with his regeneration(I’m female!)

I don’t think anyone (officially) sells them. I had to have a friend knit mine. I think she said it took her a couple of months.

I’ve never understood how the BBC decides what kind of memorabilia to sell. Paramount sells every kind of Star Trek crap imaginable, including fake uniforms. All you can get in Doctor Who wear is the 7th Doctor’s pullover (and that in extra-large only!).

This place seems to sell custom-made scarves: