FOX News is centrist and Drudge Report leans to the left? Duh, winning!

From US News and World Report:

Who is this guy? What’s somebody who thinks FOX is centrist doing teaching about media bias at UCLA? Like, how did he get to that position…whatever, just boggles my mind, so thought it might fall into the category of MPSIMS.

I couldn’t tell from the handful of articles about this book I found, but is it based on his & Milyo’s 2005 study of “media bias”?
Because there was a lot of controversy at the time about that…
1 Contemporary Critique
Another contemporary critique
Sort of a Third critique
Well, OK, they are less critiques than articles pointing out the flawed methodology of the study, however one article had a good quote, in that rather than twisting themselves into pretzels with their methodology…

One fun quote apparently from Groseclose’s book:

OK, Yeah…I think I’ll hold off on purchasing this baby. :rolleyes:

Groceclose has been banging this drum for years. I haven’t read the book (and probably won’t) but from reading the US News and World Report quote, it sounds like he’s still using the byzantine methodology he and co-author Jeff Milyo (a Cato Institute fellow) used in their 2004 paper “A Measure of Media Bias.”

There were postings on political blogs at that time explained the problems with this methodology. Here’s an excerpt from an article by Michael Dolny on the FAIR website in 2005.

Edit: Geeze. I’m going to have to learn to type faster. :frowning:

This guy has WAY too much faith in the basic intelligence of the average American voter.

Or WAAAAY too little. Does he use the word “sheeple”? :rolleyes: His results are, too put it mildly, counter-intuitive. His methodology has been seriously questioned. I won’t bother with his book.