FOX Spanish language TV and its political potential

A friend suggested (actually he said) that the whole reason for FOX starting a Spanish language network was to so influence Hyspanics that the “Fair and Balanced” dogma would once again win elections for the GOP. I told him “pshaw,” and further said the whole thing was economics…Spanish speakers spend an ever increasing amount of money in the U.S. and FOX wants those advertizing dollars.

Then I got to thinking there might be something to what he had to say. What say you? Does FOX have an ulterior motive? Will we see millions of Spanish speakers making the shift to the right because Bill O., Greta and Hannity will now be dubbed in Spanish?

Well, after more that a decade of broadcast by FOX it has to be noticed that other almost exclusively English only minority groups have not changed much regarding their voting patterns, particularly the Black vote.

I do think there is one huge problem for FOX in the Hispanic market, other Hispanic sources like Univision are already right of center (think mostly Cuban American control) but the immigration issue is one of the biggest ones they report on and even among Hispanics that are supporters of right wing causes, items like the dream act are supported by them and it is constantly reported on. Well see how the usual tilt to a more extreme right wing focus on the news does with subjects like that one.

I don’t see why not both answers - FOX wants to win some more advertising dollars, and to spread its editorial message to a growing demographic. No problem with that, and no real “ulterior motive.” Will Hispanic Americans bite? No idea.