Fox sports is beating the crap out of Rush Limbaugh!

This is in the pit because Fox gets lots of deserved stones thrown in its direction! However, this time it is some redeeming thing! Fox sports recently has been doing some roasting parodies of Rush!

This whole thing is paraphrased; I am looking for a transcript now of this parody that was shown in the pre-game show of Green bay Vs. The Eagles today:

Rush (an impersonator) appears in his radio show set:

Looks at shiny precious pills… puts them away when callers are on the line:

Screener - We have a caller Rush:

Caller - Rush: are you picking the packers?

Rush - Of course! They have the white quarterback!!

Screener – Rush: Donovan McNabb wants a word with you:

Rush then says something about expecting the thanks of McNabb! (Not sure here: maybe he said that it was because he put the spotlight on him?)

Rush – In which line he is?

Screener – No Rush, he is in the studio!

McNabb appears, goes into Rush’s set, and proceeds to beat the shit out of Rush!!

First time I use this: LMAO!!!

It looks that this was not the first time Fox sports made a parody of Rush! Any places were the transcripts or clips are available?

Yoda-like, the Conservative twits are.

More Germanic, this mode of speaking must feel.

That I can see how they’d like.

Well Derleth, that is why I’m looking for transcripts! :slight_smile:

[Yoda]Paraphrase, something I cannot do, this is[/Yoda] :smiley:

First time I use this–WTF?

The fuck, what? Not properly spoken, that was.

God I saw that too I thought I’d die…

I especially liked how the sportscasters pointed out that McNabb is right-handed and the guy in the parody was whaling away on Rush with his left.


Well dang! I have to blame an ear infection, and the rush (pun intended) to post, for that grammar drift… LMAO was a factor too.

Besides asking for a transcript, I do think it is curious that Fox is overtly dumping on Rush.

To me, those sketches/parodies are the equivalent of the legendary “black spot” letter among pirates, that is: The right telling Rush that he is finished…

You might want to get that ear infection looked at.

Ear infections are better than losing your ears to drugs… :stuck_out_tongue:

He said something like he expected McNabb’s thanks because he lit a fire under him.

Still the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while, I was laughing like a loon.

Watch clip [url=]here, you can.


Grr! Argh!

That’s just professionalism. No quarterback worth his salt would go around hitting people with his throwing hand.

Thanks for the link cheddarsnax!

Besides, Bradshaw says McNabb is amphibious!

Grrr, get right it.

McNabb, amphibious he is, Bradshaw says. Yes! :wink:

Impersonate Vince Lombardi he did.

Impersonate Mike Holmgren also.

Drank latte Holmgren did.

Kicked Holmgren’s ass Lombardi did.

Funny it was.