Fox Trot 4/16: I don't get it.

Fox Trot 4/16.

That they run there computer chips too fast and burn them into crisps?

In other words, they don’t have computer “chips”, but rather computer “crisps”. When you overclock a computer chip (CPU) and don’t have adequate cooling, you’re going to end up with a computer crisp.

I agree with you Rilchiam, that comic is pretty obtuse.

“Obscure” might be a better word.

Gah! I knew there was something wrong with that post! Why oh why do I attempt to sound intelligent at 3:00 in the morning? Maybe I’m just being obtuse?

Thank you. I just didn’t know what “overclock” meant.

Made sense to me right away.

I love Foxtrot.

I am a computer moron (among other types of moron).

I thought it was pretty funny right away. I still have no idea what ‘overclocking’ is, but it wasn’t too hard to figure out that it meant some kind of strain on the computer chip.

Obscurity is in the mind of the beholder.

overclock v.t. To induce a device to run faster than its specified maximum speed. (Usu. used w.r.t. computer processor chips.)

Source: RT’s Instant Dictionary, 2002.

Hey, it made sense to me right away.
Overclock a cpu too much, and you’ll get a ‘crisp’, allright! Example here.

Change “Pentium” to “Cyrix” and its a lot funnier.

Submit it to Comics I Don’t Understand.

But what’s the reference to the World Alminac at the end?

“I checked the World Alminac and it didn’t say.”

I think the idea is that to Marcus and Jason, whether or not the English overclock their computers seems like the sort of basic, everyday knowledge that should be in an almanac, next to populaiton and major imports/exports.

Mr. Rilch just pointed out the “Pulp Fiction” aspect of the strip: a salt-and-pepper duo discussing cultural differences in junk food nomenclature. Pretty sharp!