FOX weather advisory? Don't drown.

I was watching The Simpsons, and as usual “The Weather Authority” was usurping half my screen with a crawler about the thunderstorms north of Orlando Fl tonight. Among the various advice for some mild flooding such as “stay indoors” and “do not travel unless it is necessary”, was the following “Don’t drown.”

Mundane? pointless? yep, bu I thought you might appreciate to share in someone’s bored joke at the local network.

Sounds like good solid sensible advice to me. I wonder if they have any suggestions as to what I should do in case of fire? Or blizzard? Or alien abduction?

Don’t get probed.

I suggest butt plugs!

The weather report on BBC Radio 4 yesterday was, in its entirety, “The weather will be fine.”

[George Carlin]

How’s your weather? Fine!


We usually get, “Turn around: don’t drown.” There’s one bridge downtown that people should think of first when this warning is issued. We have idiots who still go under this bridge and stall their vehicles out from the high water. Seems like people would learn.