Fox. Why are you showing me the Braves?

I can see them anytime I want on TBS. So why are you duplicating coverage? I hate you.

AND they’re playing the Mets. Ugh.

The promos are trying to play this off like it’s a significant piece in the old rivalry between the Braves and Mets. Give me a break.

Because FOX, in their infinite wisdom, has decided that no one could possibly desire to see a team outside their market. I’ve got the Reds today. Um, FOX, there are 29 teams I don’t get to watch every day. How about one of them?

On preview, I notice you’re in Virginia. How did you get the Braves? You should be watching the O’s!

I’m going to the game, but it’s not until tonight.

Seems like if it isn’t either the Mets or Braves, it’s the Yankees. :rolleyes:

I seem to remember some other cities in the country besides New York and Atlanta field a team. Maybe Fox can let those of ubs on the east coast get a look at them once in a while.

Um… just an observation here but… They are showing them BECAUSE THEY CAN…

Maybe they’re showing them because research has shown that those particular teams have more fans outside the general geographic area around the team’s home city than other teams do? I’ve noticed a good number of non-Atlanta based dopers, for example, who root for the Braves (I lived 30 minutes from DC up until this past January), but not a similar number who root for, say, the Twins or the Expos. Granted it’s a small sample, but still.

YMMV. I can understand your frustration when the same team is playing on 3 channels … though if it’s the Braves, it does mean I get to choose the best color commentator. Sorry ESPN, but Chip and Don do it for me, though I’d rather Pete van Wieren came back. Those guys had a chemistry about them that Tony Gwynn and Gary Thorne kinda lack.

No, I understand why they do it. It’s just frustrating. Although, considering the only other game that’s scheduled today for the same time is Houston at Cincinatti, can’t say I blame them.

At least I get to follow Javy Lopez for my fantasy team.

Baseball isn’t a regional sport, like hockey is. Baseball fans are interested in pennant races, not just their own team’s games. If I’m a Devil Rays fan, I’m not interested in watching only the TB games, because the team’s not that good. I would, however, be interested in seeing the Athletics versus the Mariners, for example, because it could affect the playoffs.

Yeah! Show me that Padre’s/Brewer Rangers/D Rays double header!

You do realize not everybody has cable and gets TBS, right?

It would certainly beat having the same 3 teams on seemingly every weekend.

I realize it, but I don’t care. This thread is about me dammit.

Because it was Glavine vs his old team. Supposedly a better story than any other saturday afternoon game.

No, no one should be watching them.

Bah. I just had to watch the O’s sweep my team. Now I’m taking shit from all my friends out here. Not good times. Stupid Baltimore.