Frame Rate Cap?

Is there a way to cap my frame rate when playing PC games? For instance, lock in the frame rate at 30 FPS so that I don’t perceive stuttering when it drops momentarily to 35 from 55. A steady 30 the entire time would be preferable I think. I’d at least like to try.

If I turn on Vsync I can limit the frame rate to the refresh rate, but the refresh rate is often higher than the lock I’d like to impose.

Check your game manual and internet documentation. I know Half-Life has a way to do this in the console, but I don’t recal the exact command at the moment. Other games with a console (QuakeIII, UT2003, Battlefield1942, ect) might have similar commands.
As for games that don’t have a console, I can’t help you there.

I don’t see how this would make you percieve less stuttering. Even without the contrast, low framerate is still low framerate, and a better solution to trying to cap your framerate is to lower the resolution, turn down visual quality, or upgrade your computer.

That said, I don’t know of a universal way to cap your framerate. On Half-Life based games (Counter-Strike, for example), the fps_max command will do it.