Framing shots in movie scenes

Equally applies to composing a still shot.

This guy uses a special app to illustrate how they famous movie scenes were composed.
Standard techniques that create symmetry.

I see the Rule of Thirds used in several of these. A very well known technique used in photography and before that, painting.

Anyone can learn a lot by studying how the pros do it. I plan to shamelessly borrow a few of these myself. :wink:

Several of these shots use the golden triangles. Here is a good list of composition techniques.

I got very involved in photography in my mid twenties. Took a couple classes through my community college. Composition can be so satisfying when it turns out right, I love taking my time and really thinking about framing a shot. Thats why I don’t do as well with a camcorder. I find moving shots very hard to compose.

It will make it so much easier with an app that draws the perspective lines for you.