France-Italy Railpass question

Hi folks. I’m going to be traveling by train in France and Italy. Does anyone know whether the France-Italy Railpass really covers all trains (i.e., little dinky local trains? high speed trains?) Merci/Grazie.

You have to pay a supplement for high-speed trains (TGV in France, Eurostar in Italy), but otherwise yes, it should cover all trains. Just be aware that as well as paying the supplement for high-speed, you’ll have to reserve a seat for those trains. It’s really not a big deal though - when I was travelling on a France-Italy pass I’d just pop into the train station the day before I was planning on moving on to the next city and make a reservation if it was needed, and the supplement wasn’t a huge amount of money (it was about 3 years ago, so I can’t recall precise numbers).

Thanks. I have a reservation for my one essential train already, but I’ve been wondering about the dinky little trains, such as those that travel through the Cinque Terre area.