Frank Sinatra Shilling For VISA?

Another resurrected former star! I just saw Sinatra (dead these 7 years) advertising for Vias. How would he know what Vias is about?
Question: where do the royalties from this ad go to?

Cement shoes for a certain bunch of ad executives!

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Sinatra had done a Visa (vias?) ad at some point in his career. Bank of America started calling their credit cards “Visa” back in 1976.

What is the nature of the ad, though? does Frank actually say “Visa” or is it him just singing the background music while nameless actors enjoy their hedonistic but debt-inducing lifestyle?

By the way, I thought “royalties” were for composers, inventors and other creative types. Actors get “residuals”, don’t they?

The latter, with visuals. Besides the sound, Francis A. is seen in what’s obviously a film of a performance from c. 1960 in which he is singing to the camera, and along you get cuts to visuals allusive to Visa or have them shown FX-ed into the background behind and around his image; at the end he gives the audience an appreciative nod while a Visa logo frames him.

In California, there are laws that allow the use of a dead celebrity’s image as long as an agreement is made with the heirs. I’d guess that the ad agency probably paid the family for permission to use the image. In addition, they’d have to pay whoever owned the copyright of the performance.

The Sinatra thing is hardly the first time this has happened. There was Fred Astaire dancing with a vacuum cleaner, to mention an egregious example. Groucho Marx and Louis Armstrong were used to sell Pepsi.

He only died in early 1997, so presumably he was aware of what a Visa card is. Did you have some idea that he’s been dead for decades?